We recently kicked off our Winter Wondermob event, one month earlier this year for 122 days straight of a new challenge every day running December 1st to March 31st. This was a fun way for us to pass the winter last year and we're happy to bring it back again with some new features and upgraded prizes.

Current Leaderboard & Challenges
Some new rules for this year!

  1. Any challenge can be completed at any time through the end of the contest.
  2. If you complete a challenge the day it's released, you'll earn DOUBLE points.
  3. Most challenges need to be completed at LAN Mob, but if you see a small house emoji next to a challenge, this means it can be completed at home. No need to visit the LAN!
  4. Cheating will earn negative points.
We also have a mini-game within the challenge that involves ciphers and other codebreaking challenges, and as the community solves these the overall prizes offered will continue to be upgraded. Last week the community unlocked a Sour Cherry GFUEL to add to the prize pool of 1 cherry airhead.

Current prize pool, this will grow throughout the challenge!
If you'd like to participate talk to one of the staff for some of the current ongoing challenges, or join the LAN Mob Discord to view the full list: https://discord.gg/RVYGUWq

In the meantime check out some of these community built snowmen!

Visit the shop, make a purchase, and ask for a clue.
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