Does My Kid Have Gaming Disorder?

The short answer: 99 times out of 100, probably not.

Today the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed to recognize "Gaming Disorder"as a mental illness. That rushing sound you hear is that of a million parents charging to turn off their kids Fortnite games, not to be mistaken with the "CA-CHING" sound of hundreds of mental health professionals seeing a goldmine of concerned parents ripe for the picking.

Don't worry, your kids are probably alright. In fact they are much better off in the long run with video games as a part of their life, but I'll get into that later.

As a LAN owner I've worked with hundreds of gamers with deep interest in video games and have seen every type of gamer kid - happy, emotionally unstable, awkward, aspiring pro, introvert, extrovert. If there were a PhD for understanding gamers I would qualify for an honorary degree.

Before I begin we should take a look at the actual WHO wording that came out today and understand that the standards for being diagnosed with gaming disorder are actually quite high. Here is the text straight from the WHO website:

What is gaming disorder?
Gaming disorder is defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a pattern of gaming behavior (“digital-gaming” or “video-gaming”) characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.
For gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning and would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

So there are five parts to break out here, each one of increasing severity. Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional, and my thoughts below are based purely on my own experiences both as a LAN Owner and as someone who - in my younger days - worked through some very difficult life problems by gaming 14 hours a day. I'm much too busy these days with my career at a fortune 500 company and side gig operating a LAN Center and esports team to spend too much time gaming, but I have walked the path of someone who would have - in the past - qualified for a borderline gaming disorder diagnosis. Anyhow let's break down the WHO statement into its five parts:

  1. Impaired control over gaming - Pretty much every kid qualifies for this. Time management and control are skills that are still developing at a young age. Don't panic.
  2. Increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interest and daily activities - What the WHO is basically describing is a hobby. Some kids like football, some like skateboarding, some like video games. So again I don't think we really have much to worry about here, especially in the age of hugely popular streamers like Ninja and TimTheTatMan. This is actually a viable career route and a huge booming industry - for your kids to take a larger-than-normal interest could be a great thing for their futures. More on that later.
  3. Continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences - It most commonly will manifest itself in poor grades or attendance at school due to late night gaming, and this is a hugely common and often correctable behavior. Your kid is trying to learn limits and self control, and these are skills that will benefit them greatly in life when properly learned.You should be actively involved in helping your kids form better time management and prioritizing skills. Remind them that some things must come first, with ample time for their hobby given after their priorities are met. But your kid does not have a mental illness. Nope. Moving on.
  4. The behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning - It is at this level that you should be concerned. The gamer has withdrawn significantly from the real world in order to cope with some problem, and is spending an increasing amount of time in the video game world. These can often be socially-oriented games with like-minded individuals all around the globe. At this level we are likely talking about a teenager or older individual. If you can find ways for the person to get short bursts of time away from the game but occupied in some other task, something that involves their minds being involved thoroughly and taken out of the gaming world, this will help in small ways to bring their thoughts back to their problems. It has to be sufficiently challenging and rewarding to pique their interest and keep their minds occupied. Try to schedule it with them in advance - in game schedules can be demanding in some games! Here is a short list of problems that could be popping up in their own lives that they are trying to cope with:
    1. Dealing with a major loss
    2. Depression or Anxiety
    3. Problems with a teacher or parent
    4. Problems with a sibling or relative
    5. Relationship problems
    6. Personal problems
    7. Other
  5. Evident for at least 12 months - If we're at this point and you've tried the means above with little success then I would have to agree with the WHO assessment that professional help should be sought. My own rut lasted around 6-8 months so I wouldn't say all hope is lost at 12 months, but you should definitely be seeking some outside help at this point. Abstinence as promoted by groups like gamblers anonymous and alcoholics anonymous may be the best route forward.

Now that we've gone through that scary analysis, I wanted to take a moment to step back and highlight the good that can come from gaming. It may take a rare individual to reach stage 5 as outlined above, and for many gaming can be a fun, challenging, social event. Here in 2019 there are three truths that I think every parent needs to know about gaming. These have evolved in my roughly four years of managing the LAN, following the growth in gaming, and getting to know a lot of gamers.

  1. There are careers to be made here. I could point you towards the hundreds of players, streamers, content creators, and organizations making a very good living off their talents and personalities. This is a booming industry and if your kid has an interest, a passion, and most importantly a true enjoyment, they can go a long ways. Skill and personality are also intangibles that can be improved upon but any natural gifts in these departments can provide a huge boost. The irony here is that many of the most successful gamers out there today would almost certainly have come close to the diagnosis as outlined above as having gaming disorder.
  2. Gaming benefits can last a lifetime. In the same way that somebody who works out for years to maintain their health will feel the benefits for a lifetime, the skills gained through gaming - from communication to teamwork to organization and community building - will carry a gamer their entire life.
  3. Gamers are fine. There is nothing wrong with having video games as a hobby, or as the WHO puts it "gaming taking interest over other interests and daily activities". It's a perfectly normal, natural, and more recently profitable interest. As a parent you should support it as you would any deep interest.
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Spring is just around the corner and I wanted to put out a quick blog post updating everyone on the latest happenings in and around LAN Mob.

The North James Street Fire

As much as has been happening at the shop, I wanted to start off with something that happened outside it. The next block up from us had a terrible fire break out this week, destroying Peterson's Exotic Pets and the former Ballister's Bistro, and leaving water & smoke damage to other nearby buildings. First responding police & fire rescued a marine veteran and his service dog from the upstairs apartment, and firefighters were working over 8 hours to control the blaze. This left some businesses out and apartment residents homeless for the time being. A couple of GoFundMe's have popped up, if you're able to support local please consider giving, I'll link those below. Peterson's has also started rebuilding in a vacant storefront just a few doors down.

Peterson Family Fundraiser -

Winter WonderMob & New Reduced Pricing

Since January 1st we've been throwing a 3-month long event of 101 daily events at the shop to help pass the winter months. We've had Mario Kart tournaments, midnight Fortnite and APEX Legends events, Smash Ultimate brackets and crew battles, VR art competitions, $25k national ggCircuit events, and more. We wanted to make sure no matter what day it is there is always something for you to look forward to coming to LAN Mob for.

We've also rolled out some new reduced pricing to go hand in hand with the event. One hour of game time now costs $3.68 + tax or an even $4.00. Day pass pricing has been reduced to $18.39 + tax or an even $20. We ran a successful January trial with the new pricing and are keeping it intact for the remainder of the winter. Combine

The 10-day combine is live now (day 3 as of this writing), this is a chance to play at a LAN center and have your stats tracked on a national scale. Both college and esports scouts are eyeing the combine for recruiting players, which makes this a great opportunity to fulfill one of our promises to the local community - finding and promoting the best local gaming talent on a national scale. Please consider stopping in and getting in some games! Fully supported games (PC) include League of Legends, PUBG, Smite, Paladins, with manual support for APEX Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch and Fortnite.

You can sign up in shop or go to and register.

Weekly Smash Ultimate

Friday nights have been awesome lately at LAN Mob since we've started a $5 Smash Ultimate bracket followed by a crew battle. Smash 4 was a game I've loved to play and spectate, and I'm so happy Smash Ultimate has brought this to the next level. We have new players arriving every week and the growth has been outstanding. I'm happiest to see the young players as that's something we never really got as much traction with for Smash 4, and these young kids are REALLY GOOD. For many their understanding of the game is already at an advanced level and they're just crushing it. The variety of character play has been great and the more we play together and level up as a local the better we'll be at regional cash events.

Copper City Clash 3

This coming Tuesday March 5th from 5-9 pm is Copper City Clash 3 at Rome MVCC Campus. $100 pot bonus split between three games (Smash Ultimate, Dragonball FighterZ, Tekken 7), $5 venue fee, $5 bracket fee. You can find the full event details on our Facebook event here:

Triforce Spring 2019: Utica-Rome-Holland Patent Smash Summit

We've had some players in our Discord express their wish that the different local communities gather together for a semi-regular Smash Ultimate event outside of Copper City Clash. We were able to scout out a neutral venue up in Holland Patent that agreed to play host and Saturday March 30th at 1 pm we'll be kicking off the first "Triforce" event at Cape & Cup Cafe in Holland Patent. $5 venue fee, prizes provided by sponsors. We're actively seeking sponsors and prizes for this event, if you're interested please message us and let us know!

Fortnite $50k

We just finished running a spring regional but save the dates: April 19th - 21st for a ggCircuit Fortnite $50k global event. This is double the prize pool from Epic's last event and we're stoked to play one of many hosts once again.


We have a growing Discord at the shop of over 140 local players to gather and talk games, events, and more. If you haven't already come join us! This is also a way to get to know some of our esports teams (currently League and Overwatch) and communicate directly with the staff at LAN Mob.

One of the more down to earth entrepreneurs I follow is Gary Vaynerchuk aka Garyvee. He started his career with a wine website and now makes a living off his personal brand of speaking and consulting in the creative & business space. His brash, honest, in-your-face style leads to an authenticity that permeates his work. I follow his Instagram and Twitter as a motivational boost and a constant reminder of the kind of energy and motivation I need to bring to my work.

One concept Gary has spoken about is Clouds and Dirt. Basically the idea that to be successful at anything in life, you have to be both up in the clouds and down in the dirt at the same time. What Gary means by this is that your mind, thoughts, and dreams of the future need to be lofty - up in the clouds so to speak - while your actions and daily work needs to be down in the dirt, sleeves rolled up. You can have the greatest ideas in the world but if you're not putting in the work, you'll never reach your max potential.

For the outsider that looks at LAN Mob it seems like a very easy business, but there is a lot of work behind the scenes to keep us moving along. The idea of clouds and dirt helps drive my daily work here, be it planning or running an event, to scrubbing toilets and mopping floors, to the 70+ hour work weeks I've been operating on for a few years now. I see the future of where I want to be in one, three and five years and never lose sight of that dream.

Streaming - Clouds & Dirt

Streaming is another great example of clouds & dirt in action. So many people want to be a successful streamer, YouTuber, or pro gamer, but very few of them are putting in the consistent work that it takes. It can be a grind very much like any job to truly make it in this space, but there are a few out there locally that I see are making a consistent effort at it.

Esports - Clouds & Dirt

I'm inspired by the Rome Revolution teams that show up every week for practice, but more so the in-between when I check Discord on an off night and find the group putting in extra games. The wins feel great for the organization, from Zehn Masters to Clash Beta to seeing Kolunas being selected for the AGA national in Las Vegas.

Read the full article about Thomas heading to Las Vegas by clicking here

We all have those few hours of our life every night after our work, family, and social obligations are met. If we're unhappy with our lives in some way, how we spend that leisure time can have the greatest impact on our future trajectory. It's both possible to work too hard and burn ourselves out, and at the other end of the spectrum waste all that time on leisure and self indulgence and find ourselves stuck.

Playing games by its nature usually falls under leisure, but the growing field of esports has brought gaming forward as a viable pursuit with legitimate careers and futures available to those who pursue it. The "dirt" here is the hours of practice we pour in and the hard work of keeping and maintaining a healthy team atmosphere. It's not always an easy thing to do pulling together for a team meeting around multiple work and family schedules where we talk through our issues and plan for the future.

Then there is finding that balance in our play - when are we having fun, and when are we trying hard. Even here you'll find polar opposites between those that approach their play in a 100% competitive-improving attitude, and those that say the game should remain a game and not ever be held in a competitive light. The former approach is likely to lead to some burnout, and the latter is somewhat dismissive of the entire field of esports as being viable. The truth for the person on an esports path is finding a middle road as the healthy way forward. Work to improve and keep it serious, but always take some time out to enjoy the game in a social way and remember the love of the game that drove you there.

Aug & Matt taking top two in our Black Friday night Fortnite event

We haven't written in a while here, spending more time streaming at our twitch channel at Since it's been a couple months I wanted to check in quick with some updates on the business, local happenings, and upcoming plans!

Outside Events

We've had a number of events happening outside our doors this past year, with the outdoor Mario Kart and Fortnite events at City Hall, a Rocket League event at Rising Stars Soccer Academy in Westmoreland, and a fighting game series Copper City Clash at the Rome, NY MVCC campus. These events can be a lot of fun for meeting new people and helping us spread the word about our business, and everyone always seems to have a great time at these.

2nd & 1st place Rocket League winners at Rising Stars Soccer Academy

Some Victory Royale Winners at the outdoor Fortnite Event on the Rome City Hall green

We're happy to see everyone having a good time, but the downside for these events happens for us behind the scenes as a lot of added stress on the business. We often have to tear the shop down to pull out equipment including monitors, systems and cables, leaving less stations to be in use by customers at the shop. There is also the stress of having so many environmental factors out of our control - Internet, electricity, networking, weather, and equipment failures can make for a lot of running around and putting out fires so to speak.

There are other expenses too - staffing, marketing - that from a business standpoint make these events break-even to unprofitable for us. I can see with some tweaking how this can be a successful arm of our business, and am aiming for some reinvestment into the business in the 2019-2020 timeline to improve our ability to offer these types of events. For the immediate future we're looking to rein in this side business somewhat, and I'm planning to decline a couple of outside events in November and December. This doesn't mean we're completely halting all outside events - we would love to get back down on the Rome green again next year if the stars align, and also are looking forward to continuing our partnership with MVCC Rome on growing a fighting game scene through the Copper City Clash series.

Copper City Clash 2 - Thursday December 13th 5 pm

Be sure to stop by MVCC Rome on December 13th between 5 and 9 pm for Copper City Clash 2 featuring the brand new Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! We have so much excitement for the game brewing around the shop and are aiming to throw a massive event. $5 venue fee, $5 per bracket you wish to play in (Smash Brothers Ultimate, DragonBall FighterZ, and SoulCalibur VI). You can RSVP to the Facebok event here:


Two things of note on the Fortnite front

1) We've heard the overwhelming demand for another Fortnite event and we'll be having a tournament this upcoming Black Friday (November 23rd) at LAN Mob, you can view the event details here: 

2) There is big news coming from our partners at ggLeap regarding Fortnite, something unique to LANs like ours. We're as in the dark as the rest of you but as soon as we have any details they'll be out on our social medias - stay tuned!

Zehn Masters

Apologies to everyone on the delay here. We've been assured this is just a delay and the events will be returning soon. We're in the unusual place of already holding most of our qualifiers, with the Overwatch qualifier being the one exception. Once again as soon as we have any details we'll be sure to pass them along, but in the meantime if there are other online series you would like to see brought to LAN Mob please let us know! We'd be happy to run some local qualifiers to larger series buy-ins to help sponsor some teams reach that next level of play.

Kolunas Does LA

We're so happy to see Kolunas head off to Los Angeles to participate in the Alienware Gaming Arena | Team Liquid | League of Legends boot camp. An amazing partnership between some awesome organizations and Thomas had the experience of his lifetime - some pictures below of his trip. This is one of the things we set out to do early on - find the best local gaming talent and promote them on a national stage - and we're so stoked to see that happen for a guy like Thomas who has spent so much time around our business and as a part of our esports program. Thank you AGA and Team Liquid for making this possible and be sure to tune in for the AGA finals in Las Vegas December 1st where Kolunas will be competing with the boot camp team for some major prize money - we'll definitely be having a watch party at LAN Mob that day so stop in and check it out!

Noah "Nifty" Francis visiting LAN Mob last month

This Labor Day marks three years in business as a LAN Center servicing the greater Rome, NY area. It's been an amazing time meeting so many local video game enthusiasts and helping to foster a physical location to gather. We're still meeting newcomers every day that are finding us for the first time, and I'm happy to say we've just closed our most successful summer to date with record breaking utilization numbers. This personally marks the 60% point of my 5-year plan and the light at the end of the tunnel continues to grow brighter for me. It's no doubt a tough industry to make a living in, and the stress levels can be enormous at times, but it's the kind of pressure that's forced me to double down and work harder. It also helps tremendously when you love what you're doing, and for me at the end of the day there is nothing I'd rather be doing!

There has been so much that's happened in the last year, from the launching of the Rome Revolution esports brand, to participating in nationals like Sprint Vector and the Zehn Masters series, to Thursday Night Fights, to the INSANE Mario Kart outdoor event on the City Hall green, to the visit last month from Noah "Nifty" Francis. We're going to have our work cut out to top ourselves in the coming year but stay tuned - we have some fun things planned for everyone!

I'm told all the time that LAN Mob has the greatest staff, and they really are a superb bunch in all the work they do. Alex, Enrique, Rob, Cody & Zach all contributed over the last year in major ways and I can't thank them enough for the effort and energy they put in. I've asked the team to chime in here with their own thoughts, reflections, hopes, personal updates, or anything else they would like to write about.

Thank you to everyone for a successful three years in business!

I've been coming to the shop since about a month after it opened. This year, in the absence of Cody, I've found myself working at my dream job. In working here I've found both an immensely enjoyable job, something hard to come by, as well as a new respect for my coworkers. I've always been granted the unique perspective of watching LAN Mob grow and develop from the inside. I look forward to the future of LAN Mob and all the the things in store for the coming year! - Alex
In comparison, Enrique is now much older man still driven by a mysterious force known as "Waifus" for the past three years. Looking forward to holograms supplementing Virtual Reality and the weaponization of "Waifus". Thanks for supporting the business for the past three years! - Enrique
You best believe that we're one of the best staff around. Mostly because this job is a ton of fun! With all the birthday parties, lock-ins, tournaments, etc. it's hard not to. When we can we play games with our customers and it makes me feel alright when I'm told backhanded compliments like, "You're pretty good for an old guy." I'm not even old. Regardless, the past 2 years working here have been a ton of fun and I'm hoping to be here as long as I can! - Rob
It's incredibly hard to believe that three years have gone by since LAN Mob opened its doors, time really flies by. It feels like it was only yesterday when we were recruiting friends and family to help put the center together, and look where LAN Mob is today. When I look back on all the events and day to day tasks we've pulled off the last few years it's impossible to not feel a huge surge of pride and accomplishment. That being said, I think it's easy to understate just how much work goes into keeping the center functioning, clean and up to date on top of planning tournaments, GG Leap events and city events like this summer's Mario Kart + Fortnite on the City Green. The LAN Mob team works hard and I think three years is grounds for a huge congratulations. I look forward to seeing what's next for LAN Mob in the future, whether it be more events, tournaments or simply striving to be a great LAN Center. - Cody
It's been a while since LAN Mob opened its doors. We worked tirelessly to build upon an idea that was in my brother, Bossman's, brain for many years, and we did a pretty damn good job at it.  Nobody had an exact idea of what it would bring; A diverse community made up of passionate gamers, an active home to Rome Revolution, and a place where meaningful connections and long lasting friendships are made.  While in Florida, I realized how much a place like LAN Mob can mean to someone, and since moving back I've had the pleasure of staying involved in the community and seeing noticeable growth (the shop has been bumping this summer!).   It's been an honor to work alongside such a caring group of people.  With focus, understanding and determination, the path forward is clear. - Zach

Zach, Enrique, and Bossman on opening day
We get requests all the time for new teams to be sponsored through LAN Mob and Rome Revolution. I'll often hear "When is the X team starting?" or "LAN Mob should sponsor Y game." At one point we were all-in, preparing to spawn teams in every game that had even the slightest interest (looking at you, Civ 5 esports team).

Silver Snipers - Sweden's premiere 62+ esports team

In the end we had to slow down and even go in reverse on some of the teams, bringing us to our current point of just two teams: League of Legends and Overwatch. There are a myriad of reasons for this so I wanted to break out a blog post explaining the top 10 things that have helped bring Rome Revolution esports teams to fruition, or likewise prevented teams from becoming a reality. This post is a deep dive into my own thinking on esports which has evolved over the past three years of running the LAN and promoting/TOing numerous tournaments. This thinking is a main driver of the Rome Revolution esports roadmap and some of the things I say below may be personal opinions or in the future prove to be off the mark - I’m not Nostradamus - but it’s my best guess at where this monster known as esports is heading.

  1. A Well Developed Professional League - This to me is perhaps the single most important trait in a game to be considered as a legitimate esport. I’ve heard industry experts comment and spectate on what the “next big esport” will be, but as the poker player Doyle Brunson says “It’s better to make your own luck”, and this is true of most of the major esports leagues. Two examples: League of Legends and Overwatch. Riot and Blizzard respectively took the time to make significant investment in their LCS and OWL leagues including things like production quality, shoutcasting, storytelling, franchising and more. They built arenas and careers around the promotion and love of their games. Both leagues keep a regularly streamed Twitch presence of constant content coming at viewers. This has a self-fulfilling impact on the games themselves as they’re creating and maintaining the “dream” - I have no doubts these leagues and games will be successful for decades to come. Likewise for our tiny little esports organization in Rome, NY - I have a dream to grow to the point where we can enter into these leagues someday, and that drives my work daily.
  2. Game Popularity (Players) - Perhaps this could have been #1, but certainly if a game is not popular enough we’ll have a hard time recruiting players for it. This goes doubly for us being in a small town in Upstate NY - our player pool locally is limited. We had a good laugh with a Rome Revolution Facebook promotion this spring, where a local player flamed us for not carrying Gears and Halo teams. Although once thriving communities, a quick glimpse at Twitch shows that these scenes are completely dead and have little to no attention going to them. This can always change with a new game release but as a modern esports organization we have to change with the times and not be tied down to the past.
  3. Coaching - The next biggest obstacle to overcome for a team’s success is having good coaching in place. Myself, Cody, Mike, and now Zachary all went into this extremely green and have grown a great deal. Resolving conflicts, tweaking players, motivating, inspiring, recruiting, creating player development plans, and doing the grind of watching and documenting games are all skills we’ve grown better at. This is all preparing us for the next step and we’re excited for what’s ahead. But beyond Overwatch and League of Legends, when looking at new games to add to our esports roster a solid adult coach is a must. 
  4. Depth of Game - A game needs to have some depth and dimension to it, otherwise players (and spectators) will grow bored with it, or worse the game will get dwarfed by a new fork. Look at how quickly the Royale genre matured, moving from ARMA to H1Z1 to PUBG to Fortnite in barely 2 years. The games just became increasingly more fun to play and to watch. It’s almost unthinkable now that a royale game can overcome Fortnite, but going back to point #1 above - this largely depends on how quickly and effectively the Fortnite publishers can grow out a professional esports League. If something on the level of OWL or LCS emerges from Epic Games, Fortnite will have completely secured the Battle Royale genre for years to come. If another royale beats them to it they may have some trouble on their hands.
  5. Maturity - We can get a good idea of the maturity of a game’s community through the tournaments we’ve run. Certainly games like Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege enjoy wide popularity, but the community can at times prove very young and immature. These communities are wild and unruly, and pulling together a responsible coach to keep players in line - with some of these players having zero past sports background - is a bit like herding cats.
  6. Player Responsibility - Along the same lines of maturity, how responsible do the players act? Are they relatively friendly or typing profanity at one another? How do they act outwardly towards other orgs? What friends do they run with, and how do their friends behave? Given in any game you can have very toxic players, some communities can be better than others in this respect. But as an organization, if I want to invest in a player to get really good at a game and represent the Rome Revolution brand, I want to be sure that player will act right and reflect well on the brand.
  7. Profitability - At the end of the day we’re executing a new business model in a small town and trying to earn a buck. When our esports teams play at the shop they still pay, but earn deep discounts depending on their performance, all the way up to free. We’ve had players in the past complain that they should always play for free or even moreso that we should be paying them. While it’s definitely a long-term goal to get the best players funded and sponsored, we’re working within the reality of where we are. Until we start landing larger sponsors there is no magical money tree I can visit to shower wealth on players for just playing video games. The players have been told they’ll have to grow at the pace we’re growing at as a business, and some wanting an easy ride haven’t stuck with it for that reason, but those that accept this and have put in the work every week will reap the rewards.
  8. Marketability - Along the same lines of profitability is how marketable the team and its players are to sponsors. Is the performance of players something sponsors see value in? This is slowly getting easier as gaming grows more widespread but there are still plenty of sponsors who can’t see beyond the face value of people playing video games. This for us is a longer-term goal but definitely a consideration.
  9. Game Genres - In the past we’ve had some messiness in crosses between genres. For example - carrying both an Overwach team and a PUBG team, both shooters in some sense, led to a lot of people doubling up on both teams and splitting their focus. To truly get good at a game it needs to be your primary devotion, so this is a consideration for us. We could in theory launch Call of Duty, CSGo, and Rainbow Six Siege Teams simultaneously, but the overlap in players between all three shooters would devalue eaches performance and ultimately lead to burnout, as well as cause a drag on the current Overwatch team.
  10. Devotion - We’ve passed on forming teams in the past due to doubts in how devoted they would be to our organization. This in particular is what has made the “home grown” nature of our teams so great, is that we can build our teams from the ground up on our home turf. We’ve been approached by numerous teams already in existence - some of these highly skilled - asking for sponsorship or a Rome Revolution team. Some of these are players who have loosely visited the shop on and off, but they still carry their own brands and identities, which can often create confusion with players of where loyalties are. Players who have shown they’re all-in on Rome Revolution have received our full support, and this will always be the case as we continue to grow our rosters and skill.

In closing I wanted to talk a bit to the growth and future of our organization. We make no illusions to where we're at presently both skillwise and regionally - we're an esports team in tiny Rome, NY made up of players across the skill spectrum. Much like our LAN Center, we're nowhere near the size of the big boys in this industry. We're often working under the profit line and at great cost to continue our growth. It's not easy, but nothing worth doing in life ever is.

Like everything we've done here in Rome it's been built from the ground up. I don't come from wealth and have worked a great deal to grow to the point we're at now, and will continue grinding away to make our LAN, esports team, and everything else I work at the best it can be. If you're all-in on us we're happy to have you along for the ride.

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League of Legends - Monday, Wednesday | 6 - 12 pm
Overwatch - Tuesday | 6-12pm

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