Spring is just around the corner and I wanted to put out a quick blog post updating everyone on the latest happenings in and around LAN Mob.

The North James Street Fire

As much as has been happening at the shop, I wanted to start off with something that happened outside it. The next block up from us had a terrible fire break out this week, destroying Peterson's Exotic Pets and the former Ballister's Bistro, and leaving water & smoke damage to other nearby buildings. First responding police & fire rescued a marine veteran and his service dog from the upstairs apartment, and firefighters were working over 8 hours to control the blaze. This left some businesses out and apartment residents homeless for the time being. A couple of GoFundMe's have popped up, if you're able to support local please consider giving, I'll link those below. Peterson's has also started rebuilding in a vacant storefront just a few doors down.

Peterson Family Fundraiser - https://www.gofundme.com/x4rrb-peterson-family

Winter WonderMob & New Reduced Pricing

Since January 1st we've been throwing a 3-month long event of 101 daily events at the shop to help pass the winter months. We've had Mario Kart tournaments, midnight Fortnite and APEX Legends events, Smash Ultimate brackets and crew battles, VR art competitions, $25k national ggCircuit events, and more. We wanted to make sure no matter what day it is there is always something for you to look forward to coming to LAN Mob for.

We've also rolled out some new reduced pricing to go hand in hand with the event. One hour of game time now costs $3.68 + tax or an even $4.00. Day pass pricing has been reduced to $18.39 + tax or an even $20. We ran a successful January trial with the new pricing and are keeping it intact for the remainder of the winter.

GYO.gg Combine

The 10-day combine is live now (day 3 as of this writing), this is a chance to play at a LAN center and have your stats tracked on a national scale. Both college and esports scouts are eyeing the combine for recruiting players, which makes this a great opportunity to fulfill one of our promises to the local community - finding and promoting the best local gaming talent on a national scale. Please consider stopping in and getting in some games! Fully supported games (PC) include League of Legends, PUBG, Smite, Paladins, with manual support for APEX Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch and Fortnite.

You can sign up in shop or go to GYO.gg and register.

Weekly Smash Ultimate

Friday nights have been awesome lately at LAN Mob since we've started a $5 Smash Ultimate bracket followed by a crew battle. Smash 4 was a game I've loved to play and spectate, and I'm so happy Smash Ultimate has brought this to the next level. We have new players arriving every week and the growth has been outstanding. I'm happiest to see the young players as that's something we never really got as much traction with for Smash 4, and these young kids are REALLY GOOD. For many their understanding of the game is already at an advanced level and they're just crushing it. The variety of character play has been great and the more we play together and level up as a local the better we'll be at regional cash events.

Copper City Clash 3

This coming Tuesday March 5th from 5-9 pm is Copper City Clash 3 at Rome MVCC Campus. $100 pot bonus split between three games (Smash Ultimate, Dragonball FighterZ, Tekken 7), $5 venue fee, $5 bracket fee. You can find the full event details on our Facebook event here:

Triforce Spring 2019: Utica-Rome-Holland Patent Smash Summit

We've had some players in our Discord express their wish that the different local communities gather together for a semi-regular Smash Ultimate event outside of Copper City Clash. We were able to scout out a neutral venue up in Holland Patent that agreed to play host and Saturday March 30th at 1 pm we'll be kicking off the first "Triforce" event at Cape & Cup Cafe in Holland Patent. $5 venue fee, prizes provided by sponsors. We're actively seeking sponsors and prizes for this event, if you're interested please message us and let us know!

Fortnite $50k

We just finished running a spring regional but save the dates: April 19th - 21st for a ggCircuit Fortnite $50k global event. This is double the prize pool from Epic's last event and we're stoked to play one of many hosts once again.


We have a growing Discord at the shop of over 140 local players to gather and talk games, events, and more. If you haven't already come join us! This is also a way to get to know some of our esports teams (currently League and Overwatch) and communicate directly with the staff at LAN Mob.

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