Noah "Nifty" Francis visiting LAN Mob last month

This Labor Day marks three years in business as a LAN Center servicing the greater Rome, NY area. It's been an amazing time meeting so many local video game enthusiasts and helping to foster a physical location to gather. We're still meeting newcomers every day that are finding us for the first time, and I'm happy to say we've just closed our most successful summer to date with record breaking utilization numbers. This personally marks the 60% point of my 5-year plan and the light at the end of the tunnel continues to grow brighter for me. It's no doubt a tough industry to make a living in, and the stress levels can be enormous at times, but it's the kind of pressure that's forced me to double down and work harder. It also helps tremendously when you love what you're doing, and for me at the end of the day there is nothing I'd rather be doing!

There has been so much that's happened in the last year, from the launching of the Rome Revolution esports brand, to participating in nationals like Sprint Vector and the Zehn Masters series, to Thursday Night Fights, to the INSANE Mario Kart outdoor event on the City Hall green, to the visit last month from Noah "Nifty" Francis. We're going to have our work cut out to top ourselves in the coming year but stay tuned - we have some fun things planned for everyone!

I'm told all the time that LAN Mob has the greatest staff, and they really are a superb bunch in all the work they do. Alex, Enrique, Rob, Cody & Zach all contributed over the last year in major ways and I can't thank them enough for the effort and energy they put in. I've asked the team to chime in here with their own thoughts, reflections, hopes, personal updates, or anything else they would like to write about.

Thank you to everyone for a successful three years in business!

I've been coming to the shop since about a month after it opened. This year, in the absence of Cody, I've found myself working at my dream job. In working here I've found both an immensely enjoyable job, something hard to come by, as well as a new respect for my coworkers. I've always been granted the unique perspective of watching LAN Mob grow and develop from the inside. I look forward to the future of LAN Mob and all the the things in store for the coming year! - Alex
In comparison, Enrique is now much older man still driven by a mysterious force known as "Waifus" for the past three years. Looking forward to holograms supplementing Virtual Reality and the weaponization of "Waifus". Thanks for supporting the business for the past three years! - Enrique
You best believe that we're one of the best staff around. Mostly because this job is a ton of fun! With all the birthday parties, lock-ins, tournaments, etc. it's hard not to. When we can we play games with our customers and it makes me feel alright when I'm told backhanded compliments like, "You're pretty good for an old guy." I'm not even old. Regardless, the past 2 years working here have been a ton of fun and I'm hoping to be here as long as I can! - Rob
It's incredibly hard to believe that three years have gone by since LAN Mob opened its doors, time really flies by. It feels like it was only yesterday when we were recruiting friends and family to help put the center together, and look where LAN Mob is today. When I look back on all the events and day to day tasks we've pulled off the last few years it's impossible to not feel a huge surge of pride and accomplishment. That being said, I think it's easy to understate just how much work goes into keeping the center functioning, clean and up to date on top of planning tournaments, GG Leap events and city events like this summer's Mario Kart + Fortnite on the City Green. The LAN Mob team works hard and I think three years is grounds for a huge congratulations. I look forward to seeing what's next for LAN Mob in the future, whether it be more events, tournaments or simply striving to be a great LAN Center. - Cody
It's been a while since LAN Mob opened its doors. We worked tirelessly to build upon an idea that was in my brother, Bossman's, brain for many years, and we did a pretty damn good job at it.  Nobody had an exact idea of what it would bring; A diverse community made up of passionate gamers, an active home to Rome Revolution, and a place where meaningful connections and long lasting friendships are made.  While in Florida, I realized how much a place like LAN Mob can mean to someone, and since moving back I've had the pleasure of staying involved in the community and seeing noticeable growth (the shop has been bumping this summer!).   It's been an honor to work alongside such a caring group of people.  With focus, understanding and determination, the path forward is clear. - Zach

Zach, Enrique, and Bossman on opening day
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