LAN Mob Summer 2019 Smash Ultimate PR

Smash Ultimate Summer 2019 Power Rankings

Summer 2019 Power Rankings are here

We're actually a few weeks into the fall PR already and a bit late sending this one out. Above you'll find our top 10 power ranked Smash Ultimate players, as well as three honorable mentions. Read on below for details on how we reached these and what the future state of the PR might look like. As a reminder we play every Friday night after 7 pm at LAN Mob Gaming Center in Rome, NY - cost is $5 and we always have some kind of  special event going, from doubles to Melee to custom map events.


We saw probably close to 100 different players this summer, so we needed a criteria to filter these down somewhat. Below are the rough criteria required to be considered:

  • Attendance in at least two weeks during the PR period, which is the same condition we used for Spring PR.
  • Multiple top-5 placings (5th place is always a tie with two individuals, so technically top-6 placing). Individuals who can show they often can place in the top 25% of bracket are good considerations for the power rankings.
  • Each placing is weighted considerably more than the one below it, for example 1st is worth considerably more than 2nd, which is worth more than 3rd, etc.
  • We also considered the competition in a given week, since attendance varies by week. For example - once we settled on Kremling and Misfire as our clear top two based on their placings, weeks they competed in were given higher weightings than those they had not attended. Meaning if you did well in a week that Kremling or Misfire were there that helped your score.
  • Head to head matches. Two spots in particular we had to do a deep dive into the heads up matches were Kremling vs. Misfire and CaptJelly vs. Birder. We feel like the order accurately reflects their head to head history.


I'm still working on connecting to the Challonge API and doing much of this work automatically, but in the meantime we have whiteboards!

As you can clearly see
As was stated above we had to do a deep dive into some individual match histories to break those close ties. In addition to the honorable mentions of Waft%, SKD & Bleak, others that appeared in top-6 placings included Dbot, Xifaxan, Electrified, Jester, Droovy, and Hero.

Fall PR

We are a few weeks into the Fall PR but expect that we'll have another few solid months of open power ranking period, and you'll likely see the Fall PR graphic drop sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you want to be ranked then make sure to show up for at least two weeks and do well! Friendlies opens around 6 pm Friday nights and we're usually playing Smash in various forms until close to midnight. $5 entry cost, or if you like we also sell a special $10 pass that gives access to all our systems for the night including PCs, Xbox, and PS4.

Sponsorship to RetroGameCon November 2nd in Syracuse, NY

We're extending a RetroGameCon Smash Ultimate sponsorship to all of the 18 & under players on our Summer PR! Kremling, Misfire, RockyC, CaptJelly and TheBirder will all be receiving t-shirts and buy-ins to both the convention & Smash Ultimate tournament on Saturday November 2nd. Congrats fellas!
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