LAN Mob is a participating center in the upcoming ggChampions Beta from July 22nd through August 25th for the games Fortnite and League of Legends. This is a warm-up to a planned fall ggChampions season to test out how the system runs and work through any bugs or issues. Below is the tentative schedule:

July 22nd - July 28th: Warm Up Week (all scores will be wiped at the end of the week & reset)
July 29th - August 4th: Week 1 Beta Season
August 5th - August 11th: Week 2 Beta Season
August 12th - August 18th: Week 3 Beta Season
August 19th - August 25th: Finals Week Beta Season

Per ggChampions the tentative plan is as follows: "After week 3, the top 500 players with the highest scores for both Fortnite and League of Legends will go through to the finals. A players final score is the sum of their best 20 games over the main 3 week Season 'heats'. In the finals, they will compete for monetary prizes using the same metrics - their best 20 games count."

That's it! Just come to the LAN during the regular beta weeks, earn points for your best 20 games, and try to get in the top 500 players nationally to qualify to the finals week!

High School League

The beta Season is also featuring its own special high school League with larger cash prizes. Basically if you are high school age you can choose your high school to represent nationally and participate in a separate league. Note -we have to verify your attendance at the school, so be prepared to show a form of ID - school ID, report card, enrollment letter, etc. We will be validating your high school and submitting you into the portal for your high school. The top 4 Fortnite players and top 5 League of Legends players will constitute your high school "team".

We have plenty of high school Fortnite players, but not a lot of League of Legends high school players. If you're interested in competing on the League of Legends side though you're in luck! LAN Mob has a robust League of Legends community including TWO Rome Revolution Esports teams that play together weekly and compete in national events. The guys would be happy to show you some stuff, so stop by a weeknight and find us, or just talk to the front desk attendant and let them know you're looking for some League of Legends coaching. We'd be happy to walk you through the basics and get you up to speed.

More Info

Check out the ggChampions website at where more info will be posted!

Another great way to connect with us here at LAN Mob is via our Discord, we have a couple hundred local gamers that hang out there including some of the best local gaming talent. Visit the LAN to get the Discord link which is posted around the shop.

Good luck and we're looking forward to seeing you at the LAN soon!

- Bossman
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