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At a recent Rome Revolution esports team meeting I did a quick count to measure how long we’ve been at it with regular weekly practices for League and Overwatch. Nine months have passed since we set off down the path for the original Zehn Masters, which by the law of nature means we aught to be giving birth to a LCS or OWL team any day now. Players have come and gone, and sometimes come back again, but every week for 2-3 nights per week we’ve had that constant presence of players and coaches in and around the shop. We’ve all grown in skill and knowledge and continue to push forward every week.

Often with learning there is struggle, a period where things are difficult and don’t quite make sense. It can at times feel like we’ve plateaued and hit our skill cap. The truth often is that we have plateaued, but these are only temporary stops on the road to improving, and It’s exactly at these difficult times when the true progress is made. That constant push to always be learning and improving will eventually pay dividends when there is a breakthrough in learning and sudden growth in skill. I’ve seen it happening individually with players and coaches, and more importantly with teams improving as a whole, where concepts and strategies are just starting to come together. This is the payoff for our consistency in approach every week and I couldn’t be happier with the players and coaches for putting in that work.

The teams are getting hungry for tournaments and we plan to be active on four fronts: 1) The upcoming Zehn Masters Summer Series 2) Local college and other locally sponsored events 3) LAN Mob sponsored tournaments and 4) Online tournaments. In particular with League of Legends we’re also eagerly anticipating the release of Clash (we believe in you Rito!). We’ve also reached the point with the League team where we’re doing full scrims and twice weekly practices. If you’re interested in joining either team just stop by any Tuesday (Overwatch) or Wednesday/Friday (League) and we’ll get you a tryout.

Mario Kart Event

It should be noted the outdoor Mario Kart event that was held at the Rome City Hall Green earlier this month was absolute bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I’ll link some videos below and you can check it out for yourself, but we quickly ran out of our 200 tickets, and I estimate had around 500 people total in attendance. We were sad we could only fit 50 or so racers in before having to kick off the grand finals, and will likely move to more of a lottery for the next time to at least give everyone a chance. Special thanks to Makenzi at Rome City Hall, Mario and Mikey from Nomad Cinema, and the City of Rome Fire Department for sponsoring.
Outdoor Mario Kart Tournament

Last Friday's Outdoor Mario Kart Tournament was a blast. Thank you to all who came out and all who made it possible! The City of Rome, NY LAN Mob Rome Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 694 The Melt Gourmet Grilled Cheese LLC Come Fry With Me

Posted by Nomad Cinema on Friday, July 6, 2018
Congrats to Caleb on the win! We’re already at work planning the next one and are excited to bring those details to everyone soon.
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