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This post is to cover some of the latest happenings around LAN Mob. I may ramble a bit but this is to give some insight to those of you that have never been to the LAN Center, or just haven't been in a while, an idea of what it is we're doing and what's coming up next.

Summer Time

This last week of spring break we had a reminder of how busy the shop gets when school is out. We've been once again discussing a summer program, and were close to launching a program this year based on content creation, but we decided this week not to proceed. This is definitely a dream of mine to one day run a fun, exciting summer program based out of the shop, but for now the dream has to go back on the shelf.

We are planning to offer a One Week Summer Pass for 17 & under youth this summer - $100 for  unlimited gaming Monday-Friday 12 pm - 8 pm. That's $185 value worth of gaming at a steep discount. We understand parents have various camps and vacations planned for kids throughout the summer so selling the pass in one week increments allows some flexibility.

Zehn Masters Spring Series

Zehn Masters $10,000 Spring Series

We've had a decent spring series for Rome Revolution with national wins in both Hearthstone (Farfignewton) and Street Fighter V (Chris D). Most of the nationals have come and gone and we're entering our final week, with League of Legends on Saturday and MUT_DUCK chasing the gold in Madden on Sunday. We'll have a live stream of the Madden event on Sunday so be sure to tune in at

I imagine it won't be long before we'll have another season announced for you with some new games in store - stay tuned!

ggCircuit Season 7

Season 7 is Here!
Season 7 began this week, with players able to earn bonus skill coins by playing League of Legends in the shop. We're also keeping weekly leader boards for overall coins earned and will be awarding medals and giving away Gamdias loot including mice, keyboards, mouse mats, headsets, and ear buds. To qualify for the Monday loot giveaways you have to be in the top 10 for coins earned at the shop during the week. You'll earn 50 coins an hour for just playing, and bonus skill coins for playing ranked League of Legends matches. Coming to events like the Saturday night lock-in and playing ranked League are great ways to get yourselves up on the leaderboards.

I'm adding one more challenge for the League players - anybody who can beat my weekly score will snag a free BAWLS. Your weekly League score is based on your five best ranked matches played in shop that week.

Season 7 Weekly Medals
Season 7 Trophy

New Peripherals

Our keyboards and mice have been pretty banged up, with a couple of stations now rocking some standard windows keyboards and assorted mice. Most of the keyboards have had the WASD worn off them from so much use. We snagged a keyboard for testing out of the Gamdias loot crate for ggCircuit Season 7, and have been pleased with the performance that we went and ordered new Gamdias mice/keyboards and mousepads for the entire shop. The keyboards are 7 color backlit and feature some nice spill protection, which is an unfortunate problem in our business. If you really loved the old keyboards and mice and want to take a piece of LAN Mob nostalgia home with you, we'll be selling our old red & black peripherals used at $10/piece or $15 for a mouse/keyboard combo.

Our esports Teams

Join the Revolution

We have weekly practice nights for our three esports teams playing under the Rome Revolution banner - Overwatch on Tuesdays, League of Legends on Wednesdays, and PUBG on Thursdays or Fridays depending on the week. The Overwatch and PUBG teams both recently competed in the Zehn Masters nationals and fell short of placing, but had positive takeaways from the events. I've seen so much gain in skill from the players working together week after week and am encouraged that these are going to grow into monster teams.

The League of Legends event is this weekend but the team has voted against participating, which is something I've disagreed with but can understand and respect. They want to do it right and they have high standards for where they should be as a team, and want to make sure when they do enter a tournament they're set to make a big splash. I've invested heavily into the game and into coaching, and the gains the players are making in ranks are evidence of the time we're all putting into developing the players and the team.

We're always holding open tryouts weekly for all three teams - just show up at the shop on practice night and we'll get you in for some games, and get you added to the private discord channels.


An active, local, gaming discord

I'm happy with how active our discord has been and across a diverse bunch of games and interests. We keep a channel specifically for announcing streams, and the quality the local streamers are putting out is great to see. If I'm on a shift when you announce I always drop a tab, follow & host. If you're not on the discord and would like to be just talk to the front desk person and they will get you added in.

TNT presents CoD WWii LAN - June 9th

Coming in June!

We'll be helping to host the TNT tournament out in Syracuse June 9th. This event is sold out and will be a big one - we're giving away a sponsorship package to 1st place. Details on the Facebook event here, and you'll also be able to catch our stream live at

Upcoming Outdoor Rome Event - TBA

Gaming Outdoors

We can't let out the details yet but we have something awesome planned for outdoors this June. We're happy for the opportunity to bring video games outdoors and exposure to a whole new group of people. Keep an eye on our Facebook for all the details!

The Best Damn Staff

I'm often told by customers how great the staff is here and I couldn't agree more. I really appreciate all the work they put in towards keeping the place chugging along, and this remains the reason why a 50% profit share goes towards the staff. I'm often working to keep our eyes down the road at not where we are currently, but where we're heading in the future. The road to get there is the adventure and I'm happy to have these guys along for the journey.
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