Technically speaking, I didn't spend money...

Technically speaking, I made good on my promise to not spend money on any games last month. CUE THE CRAB:

Okay, not really.I'm a terrible person and I sit on a throne of lies. I usually keep some money loaded on my accounts in the event there's DLC I want but am waiting for it to go on sale. Every game transaction this month was from those emergency funds! I have to admit, I almost cracked and outright bought The Last War Within Us 4/God of War/Dad of War because I had a 20% off the PSN coupon. I'm still working on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and don't think I can handle another story-driven game. As I'm typing this up I see that mindset reflected my purchases over the month as they were a combination of beat em ups or platformers.

Devil May Cry 4
DMC featuring Dante from Devil May Cry 4

Despite my best friend trying his damndest, I've never played a Devil May Cry game before. Not out of spite, it's just how circumstances went. I was told DMC4 was one of my friend's favorites in the series and I should pick it up while it was on sale. JACKPOT
Fight n Rage

I've had my eye on this game it was on sale. Not only does it have pretty spritework but the game is full of references to my favorite childhood beat em ups. THE GAME WAS ALSO MADE BY ONE GUY. I can't quite explain it but I really enjoyed how Fight n Rage handled. You could choose to finish a combo by throwing enemies  forward or backwards and characters have special moves usually by inputting quarter circle foward+ attack/special. In terms of replayablity, the stages branch out and depending on your route, the ending changes. There's also a currency to earn used to unlock new colors and costumes for the characters, new modes and I believe more playable characters! You can feel the love playing this game.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

REBUY. I'm not sure if I'm the beefy filling of an idiot sandwich or if I really love Shovel Knight. Bit of both I guess because I picked it up on Switch after owning it on PS4/Vita and beating it on 3DS. In my (weak) defense, "Shovel Knight Treasure Trove" has all the DLC and I did plan on revisiting the DLC. I  believe I missed out on the cutoff and would have had to pay extra if I wanted to upgrade into Treasure Trove. Point is, I bought Shovel Knight and all its DLC on the Switch because it was on sale, worth every penny and I have no ragrets.

Streets of Red

Another beat em up with pretty spritework! Unfortunately, I got back on the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 train before I got to play this. Fortunately, I know this game by another name, Devil's Dare. Technically a REBUY, it was in a humble bundle I bought in 2015. What I liked about it was the game let you choose what stages you wanted to play. As you advanced in the game, the stages would become more and more difficult. There's also a rouge-lite element where you earn money by beating dudes up and can spend that money on upgrades at the the end of the stage. Alternatively, you can save that money to buy revives once your character bites the dust. If memory serves correctly, the game does a neat thing where it DELETES YOUR SAVE if you're unable to revive yourself. That sounds right up my alley and I can't wait to take on the Devils' Dare the Streets of Red!
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