Enrique's Bizarre Gaming Adventure

Remember to take a break & stretch during gaming sessions! I've had the misfortune of jamming a few of my fingers and possibly coming down with carpal tunnel. Short and skinny: my fingers are all janky! Unfortunately, video games are among my favorite past times so I've had to adjust the controls for a few of the games I've been playing and abstain from the ones I could not. Realistically, this left me with only two choices in my recently played list: Warframe and Guild Wars 2! I thought it made for a fun blog topic because I had to change my key bindings to accommodate  me & adjust my playing style. While I'm happy I was able to pull it off, I think I'll be spending this next week icing my hands and engage in some HEAVY STRETCHING.


Goodness,my last blog about Warframe was terrible. I could have done a better job adding pictures and breaking up the text. I was so optimistic about Gears of War 4 and Battleborn! Moving on, I haven't touched Warframe since that 2 year old post. A friend recently brought me back to start fresh on PC and while a lot of change, it's still the same run and gun third-person shooter I enjoyed. The big thing about Warframe is the movement, specifically the parkour. You use a combination of running,gliding, dodge roll, sliding and "bullet jumping"( a leaping barrel roll) to maneuver. It's one of my favorite things! It's also murder on hands as they are. Instead of press& hold to perform most functions, I've been using a toggle for sliding, running and aiming to make it easier on my fingers. If you can imagine, engaging multiple enemies with toggle aim has been a challenge. Despite that, it's been working great! I don't feel like I'm punishing my fingers after a rousing session of Warframe. Thanks to playing on Steam's Big Picture Mode", I was able to customize the controls to do neat things like toggle run if I hold the left stick in a direction. I'm really proud of figuring that out!

Guild Wars 2
GW2 has some great concept art.HERE

BACK AT IT AGAIN. I had a lot of trouble adapting to GW2. In combat, you use keys 1-0, with 1-5 being your low-cooldown weapon skills and 6-0 being moderate-cooldown class skills. My favorite class is the engineer, which uses F1-F5 in addition to keys 1-0. You move with WASD and can dodge roll by pressing a key or double tapping a direction(I use the latter). It's very active and very hectic when you're fighting boss monsters. I ended up binding dodge and my best healing spell to my mouse because that was too many key presses for me to currently do without cramping up. It's amazing how smooth combat goes with those two changes. Now, I ended up redoing my skill build on my Engineer to make it easier on me. I switched to a passive turret based build where I drop offensive and defensive turrets and the rest of my class skills are buffing allies and myself. I shifted as much power as I could to my turrets and switched to a ranged weapon to prevent myself from rolling as much. It's not as engaging as I would like but it helps me itch that MMO fix.
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