100 Wins of Silver League of Legends

I recently passed my 100th ranked win this season in League of Legends. That seems like a lot of games in hindsight when really I don't feel like I play the game that much. I fit them in whenever I can - on weeknights after work, or weekends, or sometimes even on desk at LAN Mob during a slow shift (don't tell my boss!).

My champion pool is up to two now (!) with the addition of Janna. I had played her before on a secondary account and she was pretty easy to dust off and pick up again. Janna has great utility but I've sort of lived and died with my ADC skill, and since I'm usually solo queued it can be hit or miss. I couldn't handle the swings of five game win/lose streaks so I'm still primarily a Sona main. Sona just allows me to bully a lane better and switch into the healing role when it's needed. This leads to a bit steadier of a climb in ranked, but I feel when I start breaking into Gold I might make the switch back to Janna.

I was placed for the season in Silver 4 and I've bounced around mostly in Silver, peaking in Silver 2.

My tier graph - the long grind
I still make a lot of mistakes early, giving up more than my share of first bloods and often helping to feed the enemy lane early. This is mostly just me not understanding or respecting power spikes, but sometimes I'll be doing something correct like placing a ward in our tri-bush and get pounced on by a jungle. Another area I'm still struggling in is correctly using my ultimate in a team fight. For example with Sona ult, I can sometimes jump the gun with a great ultimate snagging 4 or 5 enemies but without my team in position to capitalize, and as soon as it wears off the enemy team can engage freely knowing I'm on cooldown. I also can sometimes ult the front line/tanks which leaves their powerful back line free to fire away. My Janna ultimates are in an even worse place - I'll often push the enemies in the wrong direction and sometimes miss the push back and get chunked down while standing and healing.

There are still plenty of scenarios where I'll do well but my team will lose. I just have to let those games go. It will range from an AFK, to every other lane losing out, or sometimes I'll help get my ADC fed out of their minds to find they're very poor at late game team fighting, and sometimes the enemy team will just have a better comp period. Today I went against a Kayle/Skarner/Mordekaisers/Jhin/Lux comp and watched the enemy Skarner continually drag my teammates off to a pit of death. These are always learning experiences and the very next game I went against another Skarner, so when I saw him grab our super fed Urgot and pull him away I knew what I had to do, leading my team in right after with a flash-crescendo and watching my team delete them.

I would benefit greatly from introducing ARAM into my daily grind. There are so many champions I haven't played or just don't fully understand their kits. I've also paid attention to things like rest, diet, exercise - it may sound unusual but I really play at my best when I'm coming off a good night's rest, have eaten a salad over some bad fast food, and have a little bit of caffeine in my system. I can totally understand why LCS teams run with nutritionist coaches.

We still practice for Rome Revolution every Wednesday night here at the shop. The League team is really coming along - all the Rome Revolution teams are. We're always looking to expand our depth chart so if you're interested in playing for the team and are ranked around Silver or higher, stop in some Wednesday night for a tryout. We keep a grading system which allows your performance to dictate your price of entry for the next practice.
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