Which Xbox Original Games Should be Backwards Compatible?

The obvious answer would be all of them. Though I don't think that would ever happen, Microsoft is doing a great job with their backwards compatibility program. I honestly think it's better than what Sony offers for PS Now. Allowing certain Xbox 360 and now Original games to be played on your Xbox One console is a lot better than having to sign up for a program like PS Now. If you happen to have your physical copy handy it's just a small update away from being playable on your console! If not then you can purchase it digitally for $10-$15. Since announcing the Xbox Original BC at E3 last year, there are only 13 games available. There needs to be more! Seeing games like Jade Emipre, Morrowind, Mercenaries, Battlefront II, and SSX 3 is awesome.

Jet Set Radio Future

Though not as good as the original, Jet Set Radio Future was still an awesome title. Even today there hasn't been a game to try what Jet Set Radio accomplished.

Beyond Good & Evil

It would probably be more likely we'd get a remaster to commemorate the soon to be released Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Burnout 3

Burnout 3 is one of the best racing games I've played. With the first two being alright, Burnout 3 took it to a whole new level. With adding the "Takedown" mode, Criterion perfected the racing formula they were striving for.

Predator: Concrete Jungle

A game I never got the chance to beat but enjoyed every second. There aren't any other solo Predator games and I don't understand why. Concrete Jungle is amazing!

The Punisher

Comic book games (especially now) are getting knocked out the park. Games like the Arkham series and the upcoming Spider-Man game are fantastic. But video game adaptation of The Punisher is one of the best comic book games I've ever played. It stays true to the comics with it's brutal subject matter.

The Suffering

The Suffering was an intense first and third person shooter. The game had three different endings that resulted from your choices throughout. 

Simpsons Hit & Run

A game that strongly needs a sequel, Simpson's Hit & Run is one of the best Grand Theft Auto clones ever made. Everything from the show makes this game difficult to put down. The missions are fun, the unlockables are great, and nothing beats kicking people down the road.

Need For Speed Underground

When most people hear Need For Speed, this is usually the game people think of. So why not make it backwards compatible? If they did it with SSX I don't see why they wouldn't this time (licenses for the music might be a deal breaker for them though.)

TimeSplitters 2

One of the greatest FPS games released during that generation. TimeSplitters 2 had an amazing campaign and multiplayer that could keep you entertained for hours with your friends. You could even make levels and play your friends on them. Not to mention that every character you saw in the game was playable.

Far Cry Instincts

A remake of the original Far Cry, Instincts was the first console release for console. Why not bring it back with Far Cry 5 just recently being released?
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