The Responsibility of Understanding Roles in League of Legends - Guest Post by MattBGames!

Since the beginning of my time with Rome Revolution eSports I have bounced around roles like a pinball, which has caused some pressure but since then I have excelled tremendously in gameplay and skill mechanics. I started around the time when I was an AD Carry main but that spot was taken and I took my time to learn the lanes to fill empty positions and lanes.

Going into Top lane with only a few champions in my pool was a very large learning curve but with the excelled time and coaching I received I started to get better and was able to hold my own. In time I was able to make plays and that's at the time when I was worried about me, myself, and I, but learning all the micros of top I realized they play a much larger role in a team comp then what I thought. It was great to learn the role and put it into my pool of roles and what I can bring to the table.

Now we come to where we are today and the jungle is my new home and boy does it feel good. Being the new jungler for Rome Revolution has awoken so much potential in me due to the all of the time spent so far with the team and it helps that the coach is a jungle main. Having to learn the pathing, routes, power spikes and perfect times to gank to make the gank either a 2v1 or 3v2 and not a 2v2 or 3v3 has taken some time but has helped me in my gameplay outside of the team because if I believe something can not be done to help a said laner then they either die or flame because I decided to not allow a double kill to an enemy laner. One of the harder things to learn while playing with a 5 man team was communication. I learned very quickly that communication is one of the biggest advantages you have as a team. Being able to communicate with them about what you are about to do next or if you happened to see a stray champion heading to kill them, being able to tell them without having to stop and type makes a large difference in the team play portion of this game.

Playing as a 5 man team with the rest of the Rome Revolution squad has taken a load off of my back and helped me realize I'm not putting my promo games or even just games where I want to learn or express myself and my ideas into the hands of randoms who don't know their left from right. It feels fantastic and makes me notice that I have progressed in this game from when I first started in Dec. 2015 to now.

The entire point of me writing this was to let everyone know that no matter how much you think you "main" one role is that with some practice you can "main" a champion or 2 in each role and be able to support and provide for a team or even a group of friends despite the skill cap or lack of communication. Even if you dabble in these roles, the most important thing is understanding them for competitive play with a team.
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