The Last Dad of War Within Us

By the time this gets published, God of War (2018) will be set to release later in the week! I have so many questions: Why is Kratos in a faraway land? What's the deal with his son? What's with the beard? I had honestly thought the God of War series ended with GoW3. I went and rewatched the end of God of War 3 to verify my memories in case they slipped a new scene into the remaster. Nope, just my mind playing tricks on me! The final scene of  GoW3 is the reveal of a trail of blood leading to a cliff overlooking an ocean. I think that's more me trying to forget about the last God of War game, God of  War :Ascension.

When God of War 4 was first revealed two year ago(OH MY GOODNESS TIME FLIES), I had mixed feelings. I kept comparing it to "The Last of Us" with the third person perspective and sidekick. I was taken aback,rather, because it looked nothing like the God of War that I fondly remember playing through. However. I don't want to be quick to judge. Up until now, it's been 6 games of Kratos doing more or less the same thing. Which wasn't a bad thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the blend of hack n' slack gameplay mixed with quick time events and the puzzle solving. The only God of War games I hated was Ascension because of the wonky "rage" system and the multiplayer. That's a blog for another time. Back to the trailer,the world looks pretty! Part of me hopes that's how the world will actually look in game.

I'm fighting every urge to look for gameplay trailers and read through reviews. I plan to make good on my promise not to make a game purchase in the month of April but man, I love me some God of War. I don't mind them trying something new but I hope at it's core it's still God of War, puzzles and action segments galore! At the same time, I can't wait to see what innovations they've made!

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