That one time I tried to become a Fortnite streamer to get Drake to leak Take Care II

My Fortnite pro streamer career in three pictures:

Fortnite's been the new hotness at the shop for the past month! After working a birthday party where nearly all the guests where playing Fortnite, I wanted to give it a try myself! It's funny, the Battle Royale gametype never quite caught my eye. On paper, it's really neat: everyone drops into a remote location and searches for loot while the "play area" shrinks. Personally, I don't have the patience to scavenge, I just want to fight as many people as I can BUT seeing so many people hyped up for a game made me want to try it.
1)I won a pickaxe fight only to get gunned down!

Despite having access to both H1Z1 and PUBG at the shop, Fortnite:Battle Royale was the most appealing to me. I  was drawn in by the cartoon aesthetic. Fortnite:BR also costed me nothing to try,which was a huge factor in giving it a go. I really like how Fortnite has a color coded rarity system for weapons and how you can build using wood/bricks/metal. The color coding lets me compare items at a glance and I get excited when I find legendary/highest rarity loot! Although I'm bad at it, I really like how you can interact with your environment. A wall or tree's getting in your way? BREAK IT! You don't want to run around a mountain? BUILD STAIRS AND CLIMB OVER IT. There's also blueprints you can loot that allow you to make traps, a healing bonfire and even a launch pad! I'm a real fan of the launch pad, I've watched people in shop and streamers make some cheeky escapes & approaches.
2)I lost a fight over some bandages.I HAD THE HIGH GROUND

Speaking of, another reason I picked up Fortnite was to better appreciate it when it's being played in shop. I like engaging with folks about their games! It's what makes me read the patch notes & want to watch the pro games in League of Legends & Overwatch, despite me not actively playing either. From what I understand, chests are always in the same place so you have to know where to look. Some kids were nice enough to show me some chests spots to check! My favorite interaction so far is having them show me "where to drop to fight a bunch of people". I had a few laughs having pickaxe fights and scrambling to find the nearest weapon. I still lack the patience to want to be the last man standing but I've had fun building weird stairs and having pickaxe only fights!!

3)This is where I'd show off my chicken dinners victory royales IF I HAD ANY!
Real talk, where's Take Care II,Drake?
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