My Fight Nights Season 1 Experience!

Season 1 of Fight Nights ended last week and I miss it already. I was skeptical but after giving it a chance, really enjoyed the format! Despite having a predisposition towards some of the games, I wanted to give each game a fair chance and to learn more about the ones I got. Talking about each game seems too much for me at the time, so I'd like to share the games I : wanted to learn, game I successfully learned and my favorite game to play at Fight Nights!

Wants To Improve In: Street Fighter V

I've always been a fan of the Street Fighter series but I wasn't enjoying Street Fighter 5 at launch. I'm a casual fan, I've always enjoyed the single player elements such as arcade/survival mode, dramatic battles and the barrel smash & car wrecking mini-games. The game as it is now has more stuff to do compared to when it launched in 2016 and copies of the game now come with two seasons' worth of characters. I can't quit Street Fighter just yet so I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs of SF5! Truth be told, I'm still bitter at how much money I spent on Street Fighter 4 to keep up with the major balance updates and new characters. DLC is a hell of a drug.

Most Improved: Dragon Ball FighterZ

I think ArcSys did a good job with Dragon Ball FighterZ! I was excited to pick up the game partly because they were behind it(and partly because it was Dragon Ball related!) I love how easy it is to teach my non fighting game savy friends how to play and how there's more stuff to master if I want to get better in DBF. I even went out of my comfort zone and looked up some techs online to better improve myself. The last time I sought out improving myself in such a way was when I played Tekken 5 back in the day!

Favorite Game At Fight Nights: Tekken 7

TEKKEN'S SLOW MO GETS ME HYPED. I loved playing and watching Tekken 7 get played during the fight nights for the slo-mo moments! I'm not sure how slo-mo triggers but I believe when it's when both fighters are at critical health and try to land hit at the same time. It gets my blood pumping every time!!!
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