Fun Indie Titles at PAX East!

This was my third year attending PAX East and I never get bored while I'm there. From the panels, expo hall, cosplays, etc. The now 4-day event is a blast to attend and it's a highlight of my year. There are a ton of games I got to play and most of them were pretty impressive. Though there were some others that really stood out.

Just Shapes & Beats
Platform: PC, Switch
Developer: Berzerk Studios
Release Date: May 31st (I hope)

Just Shapes & Beats is a unique rhythm game that is all kinds of awesome. You (and possibly 3 friends) control a shape and throughout the song, avoid the beats coming at you. I have been waiting for what feels like forever for this game to finally get a release date. The game has been at PAX for what feels like 3 years and now that we finally have an official date? I'm elated.

Platform: PC
Developer: New Blood Interactive
Release Date: Early Access

Dusk is reminiscent to the arena games of old. Like Quake, Doom, and Unreal Tournament, it takes that fast paced FPS Arena gameplay and picks up where they left off. There is a single-player mode, survival (which was the mode on display at the event), and eventually a multiplayer mode too! If you liked that fast paced FPS action from the good ol' days you'll love Dusk.

Wormhole Wars
Platform: PC
Developer: 1047 Games
Release Date: TBA

Wormhole Wars is literally Halo meets Portal. Not only is it an interesting concept, it works very well. If you were crazy about Halo competitive back in the day, you might want to check this game out. The controls are fluid especially for it being in Alpha. If they keep this up they will have something amazing in their hands.

Streets Ablaze
Platform: PC
Developer: Leyline Studios
Release Date: TBA

Streets Ablaze is in "Pre-pre-Alpha" as described by the creator but even with a month of work into it, it's awesome. Inspired by the beat-em-up games from the 90's the aim is to bring the genre back into players' homes. There is currently a Kickstarter that launched for the game a few days ago, check it out!

Mage Quit
Platform: PC
Developer: Bowlcut Studios
Release Date: Early Access

Mage Quit is a fantastic multiplayer game for PC. You can get up to 9 other friends for some intense multiplayer madness! The $10 price tag is great as well. Especially considering that they are adding much more content.

Ion Maiden
Platform: PC
Developer: 3D Realms
Release Date: Early Access

The same studio that brought you Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior are back with another classic looking FPS. The reason it looks classic? They're using the 20 year old Build-Engine. The same engine behind the classics listed above! Of course they've added things that weren't in the past games like headshots and controller support. If you liked those games you'll love Ion Maiden. I feel that this will be a huge success.
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