Freeing Yourself from Life Constraints

Our lives are often lived within certain constraints which are both within and without our control. These range from limited resources to circumstances of our individual situations.


It's been called our most valuable resource as we only have so much of it in each day, and so many days in our lives. The Internet and cell phones have made it so easy to squander away time without thinking about it, and this becomes more alarming the older we get, as we can look back in the rear view mirror and go from saying "Where did the last year go?" to "Where did the last decade go?"  

The easiest to attack is our free time, leisure time, downtime or whatever you call it. If we intend to improve at something - a video game or otherwise - could those three hours I spend a night browsing reddit or YouTube or vegging out on Netflix had been better used studying players on Twitch, reading up on new strategies, or practicing in game? What if I combine that time over a week, a month, or a year?  Those three hours a day adds up to over a thousand hours a year I could have invested at bettering myself at something important to me, video game or otherwise, and would no doubt show results. We just need the discipline and desire to make it happen.

But a larger amount of time that we often ignore are the hours we spend with work, family, and in relationships. Gary Vaynerchuk lives by the philosophy that if today he was told he only had a week left to live, would his time spent on an average day - from work to family to relationships - be doing the thing that's most fulfilling for him? He's in a place where he can answer "yes" every day, but most people are not! Finding those major timesinks in your life that are not fulfilling and finding ways to make them so are the hard "big" decisions we make to put us on a better path.


How much we earn and how much we can save are limiting factors on our growth as human beings. Certainly in the realm of competitive offline gaming like Smash I believe some of the top players had not just the skill and time invested but also the money to get themselves to larger events and expose themselves to as many players as possible before they found sponsors. When I look at a player like Draxsel who just gets better every time he plays someone, I know that a major constraint limiting him and others like him is money invested. Given enough exposure to top talent I have no doubts he can be a contender at the professional level, and I'm happy we can help towards that end with LML and trips like Pound and EVO.

But there are certainly other things in life where money can be a limiting factor. I'm sure there are things you've wanted to do your whole life that you just have never been able to afford, be it travel or experiences or otherwise. Money has become an unfortunate roadblock to that for many people, and with the wage gaps between rich and poor at all-time highs this will remain so until our current socioeconomic conditions improve.

Family / Relationships

We are both born into circumstances outside of our control, and become tied to these through our relationships with others. These may provide us with love and support but also tie us to physical locations and may temporarily limit our pursuits in life. When we're bound to others we don't always take heed of our own needs, which means we may end up putting others needs in front of our own. This is necessary at some level for all relationships, but when this becomes one-sided you can lose track of your own self identity and path through life.

We can take some control over this by choosing who we relate with. Is a person dragging you down or lifting you up? Are their goals and desires in life on a similar trajectory to your own? The saying goes that we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with - who are your five?

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