I'm so excited to for Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion. Ignoring the announcement after the expansion, I'm looking forward to all the games featured in the 3/8/18 Nintendo Direct. Rob wrote put together a little something something if you prefer not to watch the entire direct, check that out!

The expansion looks to be a single player campaign where you play as an Octoling, the octopus equivalent of an Inkling! There will be 80 levels to play through and it's suppose to release sometime in Summer 2018. The DLC's hub world looks to be a subway system pictured above! Your reward for beating all 80 levels seems like the ability to play as an Octoling in multiplayer!! OH MY GOODNESS.

I'm overjoyed at this news. I just love Splatoon so much! Though, I haven't been playing it recently because of there not being enough hours in the day! Initially, I wanted to take a break before forcing myself to learn motion controls but I forgot and turned them off. I'm motivated to even finish the Splatoon 2 story mode, which I've been slacking on! I need to get myself caught up!! The expansion is priced around $19.99, hoping to be released over Summer 2018(I hope it's released in August on a day ending in 8!) and comes with some cute gear!  GUYS, I'M SO EXCITED FOR SPLATOON 2 DLC. I feel like barfing after saying that...

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