HUGE Splatoon 2 update coming in April!!

Splatoon 2 is set to receive a huge patch in late April when the game updates to Ver. 3.0. Along with a ton of cosmetics being added, a new ranking tier, beyond Rank S+, will be implemented called Rank X !  Below is a snapshot of the ranking as of late February. Rank X is the top 1% of ranked! Players in Rank S+10-S+50 will be automatically be placed in Rank X once the update goes live.The top 500 players name and gear for each ranked mode(Clam Blitz, Rainmaker, Splat Zones and Tower Control) will be displayed on the Nintendo app. P From what I understand, Rank X does not have a rank meter to maintain but "X Power" which increases with a win and decreases after a loss. The way I interpret it, you'll be matched with people of similar X Power, which reminds me of how Splatfest matchmaking is handled. Once introduced, Rank X will reset at the end of the month. Players who don't maintain a certain X Power will be demoted to S+9 and will need to climb back into Rank X.

Rank stats as of 2/20/18 (Thanks Official Splatoon Tumblr!)

Alongside the introduction of Rank X, Ranked Battle stage pools and the update scheduled are being altered in Ver. 3.0. Ranked Battle's map pool will be limited to 8 stages per ranked gamemode instead of having access to all stages(when update 3.0 launches, there will be 20 multiplayer stages in Splatoon 2). The Ranked Battle map pool will rotate alongside the Rank X reset at the end of every month post 3.0. Again, the limited stage pool is only for Ranked Battle! Stages and weapons will no longer release on a weekly schedule once Ver. 3.0 arrives. Instead of trickling out, several weapons and a new stage will be added at the beginning of every month instead of one weapon and/or stage a week.

That's quite a lot to take in. I think introduction of Rank X is neat for the super competitive Splatoon 2 player but I'll need some time to warm up to the altered update schedule. It was nice checking into Splatoon every week to see what was added but perhaps the monthly update schedule will allow them to keep a closer eye on what weapons/abilities need to be balanced. Let's give 3.0 a shot once it arrives in late April 2018!

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