And I don't stop spendin' and I don't stop spendin' and I don't stop spendin'...

I really like the idea of chronicling my spending the same way I like jumping 100 ft into a pit of spiders! Because I was running out of ideas, I thought it would be good idea to chronicle my game purchases throughout the year after last month's Krombopulos Michael inspired post . Think of these lines of post as Enrique's Queue 2.0 but with dollar amounts attached to each game. Anyway, here's what I picked up in the month of March!

Ni No Kuni II

Cody and my brother were big fans of the first game! From what I understand the sequel is a completely different beast! While the first game had you raising spirits similar to Pokemon, the second game has a more active combat system that reminds me of the recent Tales series. I swagged out for the Deluxe Ed. which came with some digital content, season's pass and a copy of the game for $80

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[St]

I love the devs and I really enjoy this game!! I played the prequel on PS3 ages ago. It's a 2D fighting game and it has this neat grid based gauge that you play around. For the most part, the gauge increases when you deal damage, run or dash forward, block or by charging it. It decreases when you take damage, move backwards or let your opponent charge the gauge. Once you reach a certain portion, you're able to use the gauge to cancel into all sorts of moves or perform some nifty moves!! I didn't intend to pick this up but with fight nights regulars CATS getting Cody and Drew into it, I HAD to join in on the fun.  $50

Slay The Spire

I've been watching my friends play this for a few months. It's a neat combination of roguelike and CCG. What finally had me pull the trigger was this game being on sale for ~$12. I know Cody wrote a blog on the game but after watching everyone I know play it, I couldn't resist picking it up while it was at a discount!

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

To no one's surprise, I bought Splatoon's first ever expansion (at $20). The expansion doesn't release until the summer but you get a new headgear and top for buying the expansion. GOTTA STAY FRESH.

Typing up how much I spent and why I bought each thing makes me queasy. Checking my calendar and I'm aiming not to spend ANY MONEY on new games next month. I'll spend that time looking for a high quality gif of Mr. Krabs swimming in a pile of money. For that matter, if basecamp even supports the use of .gifs!
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