10 PS3 Games I'd Like to See Remastered!

With plenty of games getting the remaster treatment over the past few years, it's hard not to think about what great games could get that treatment. There are a lot of people that believe remasters are a waste of time because companies should shift their focus solely on new projects. I understand that and agree, but there is also the outlook that maybe certain people jumped to a different console this generation. There are certain companies like Bluepoint Games, who have worked on numerous PS2 Remasters and the Shadow of the Colossus remake which doesn't impact the big AAA boys. Anyway here's "Wonderwall".


One of the best multiplayer experiences the PS3 has to offer. Warhawk is an excellent example of nonstop fun. Even today the servers are still up and running with a friendly player base holding up their dedicated servers. I think Sony should give this game another chance at life. Or just make another...

Demon's Souls

With online support being nixed last month, it would make sense for From Software to bring this game to PS4. The game in my opinion is the best of the "SoulsBourne" genre. It's one of my favorite PS3 games and is 100% worth a play through. Though Dark Souls is getting the remaster treatment for now, I feel like it is only a matter of time before we get a remaster of this. After all, it is the original.

Metal Gear Solid 4

This absolutely needs a remaster. Though knowing how Konami has been treating their IPs lately it seems like it could be unlikely. Metal Gear Solid 4 is an incredible gaming experience and is part of a series that everyone should play.

Infamous 1-2

Infamous was one of the best experiences I had on the PS3. I was enthralled with being able to be good or evil. I played the game numerous times switching things up and seeing what else I could do in different situations.

Motorstorm Collection

Motorstorm is an intense racing game. Being able to drive cars, buggies, dirt bikes, racing trucks, big rigs, and ATVs. Each having their pros and cons. Not to mention being able to punch each other off of your bike like in Road Rash. The game paid heavy attention to detail, with real time deformation happening to the tracks as the race goes on. Meaning that there will be debris, obstacles displaced, holes and ruts. Each vehicle having trouble getting through or will have an easier time. With 3 entries in the series it would be a great collection to release.

Ni No Kuni

A great RPG from the Level 5 Team and Studio Ghibli. No No Kuni II is actually releasing for PS4 this month. Though you don't absolutely need to play it to understand the sequel, It would be great to give this a remaster.


Overlord is in my opinion a very underrated game. The game is very goofy but it keeps you engaged all the way through. I recently revisited both the first and second one and they still hold up surprisingly well. I hope to eventually see a revival with the series but with the lackluster release of Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, it seems it could be unlikely.


With the success of Nier Automata, it would make sense for Square-Enix to allow a remaster of Nier. While the games controls can be quite agitating, everything else makes the experience worth it. Creator/Director Yoko Taro even mentioned Square-Enix would be interested in having a remaster done for Nier if Automata performed well. Hopefully it did! Hopefully they can get Platinum involved with this as well to fix the gameplay. As that was the biggest flaw in this great game.


This high adrenaline shooter from Platinum Games is a ton of fun to play. You play as a DARPA agent with a suit that is packed with boosters. The abilities you get from the suit makes the gameplay a blast. The game doesn't necessarily take itself too seriously either. It's completely cheesy. Vanquish doesn't try too hard instead focusing on the fun factor. And it succeeds.


Massive Action Game. MAG was unveiled as a epic online game with 256-player battles. This game was looking to taking the crown from the ongoing battle of Battlefield and Call of Duty. And at the moment, it looked like it was very possible. You allied yourself to 1 of 3 different factions. The success of your faction affected your XP bonuses, gear, etc, making it that much more apparent that winning was the absolute option. From my experience the game handled very well. Though the game traded off the graphical quality in favor of the over ambitious gameplay, it still ran smooth with 256 players. When you had everyone in your squad on a headset and arranged your roles the experience was bar none one of the best you could have at the time. It still is to this day one of my favorite online games. Unfortunately because the Internet it was difficult to get a decent squad together that was willing to cooperate. On top of the 256 player lobbies meant waiting a decent amount of time for a game. If brought back today it may fare much better as opposed to 10 years ago. I don't see Sony giving this a shot but if MAG make a comeback, I can guarantee a massive player base if they pull it off properly.

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