My Favorite Twitch Streamers

As many of you may know, last week LAN Mob took a short hiatus and was closed Monday to Monday. The break was for a lot of reasons which Bossman has documented in the last few blog posts! The week off was excellent, and I'm happy to be back at the shop with some new energy and focus. I spent my week off spending some much needed time with the people I care about, playing Monster Hunter, regaining my League of Legends chops and being outdoors as much as possible. An extra bonus of the vacation was being able to spend some time relaxing and watching my favorite non-eSports Twitch channels, which is something I feel like I haven't been able to do in a long time. I generally don't spend a ton of time on Twitch outside of eSports/Dev Diaries but there are definitely a few Twitch streamers I genuinely enjoy tuning into; here's a few!


So I went into this post intending to not order these streamers, but to be completely honest CohhCarnage is my favorite streamer of all time. As you can tell from his introduction video, Cohh is a variety streamer with a really important cornerstone built on good vibes and keeping the channel focused on what's important - having fun playing video games. I've watched Cohh play through a whole mess of games, my favorites being Dishonored, Bioshock, Fallout and just recently Divinity: Original Sin 2. Cohh's love of RPGs is similar to my own, so it's easy to get invested in his runs, as long as they may be. It's also worth mentioning that Cohh's streams have a pretty impressive production quality, certainly unlike anything I've ever seen. I may not watch him as much as I'd like anymore, but he'll always have my support via sub. Check out his channel here, I'm sure you'll find something to love, this guy's love of community is pretty unparrallaled.

This is my favorite Scarra picture, I don't care.

To anyone who may be familiar with League of Legends eSports, Scarra is a pretty well known name. Scarra's rise to popularity is probably mostly attributed to his time on Team Dignitas as their midlaner, followed by his time coaching Dignitas and CLG. Scarra's stream usually consists of playing a whole lot of League with various people, but his incredible game knowledge and ability to vocalize thought processes, win conditions and understanding of the meta is what makes him such a stand out guy. To put it simply, Scarra has an immense wealth of knowledge and understanding of League of Legends and a mindset to go along with it. I can't help but feel like I'm learning a ton whenever I sit down and watch Scarra play some games; it helps he's a hilarious guy too! Check out his channel here and learn a thing or two!

Maximilian Dood
Max at EVO 2017!

Similar to Scarra's innate ability to teach, Maximilian Dood is incredibly knowledgeable on all things fighting games and is quite good at teaching to the online community. Max may be more known for his YouTube Channel but his Twitch channel is incredibly active, usually every day. Typically his content is completely focused around fighting games, but he occasionally plays other games, especially Capcom titles. Max is well known in the FGC, regardless how people may feel about him, this guy has a lot of pull in the community that he loves so much. This guy's resume is jam packed with various YouTube series with insane viewership, various guest star appearances in other channels, commentator at EVO and even a host for the Killer Instict World Cup. I don't watch a lot of YouTube honestly, but whenever I see Max streaming I try to tune in and I usually learn something about some fighting game, and have a few laughs. Check out his channel here!

To seasoned FGC guys, this video may seem so pointless, but Max's delivery is incredibly easy to understand and never belittles newer players. His content is a great way for players to feel comfortable learning new tech.


Ahhh NorthernLion. Ryan Letourneau, aka "Northern Lion" is first a foremost a YouTuber with a love of independent games. If you're not a fan of NL but have heard of him before, it's likely due to Binding of Isaac, which is what he's most known for. NorthernLion's presence on Twitch is usually focused around the "NorthernLion Live Super Show" or NLSS. Every single Monday, Wednesday and Thursday NL and various other YouTube/Twitch personalities such as RockLeeSmile, JSmithOTI, Ohmwrecker and AlpacaPatrol cast the show together. The NLSS is simply just playing games, discussing gaming related news and interacting with fans but thanks to NL's charismatic nature, I look forward to watch the NLSS whenever I get the chance. Last week I was able to tune in to almost all 3 of them! Check out NL's Twitch channel here!


It's time to shill! In all seriousness, regardless of my own presence at Rome's LAN Center, I'd tune in regardless, simply to see what gaming events are going on in our own city. Our channel is relatively simple but we do our best to broadcast the various events we throw around the shop. We got our start streaming our weekly Smash events but have since started streaming various tournaments such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch and various fighting games. We've been able to accommodate members of the LAN Mob community on the channel as well, whether it be playing competitive games or streaming some more random games such as Slay the Spire or Divinity. Tune in this upcoming Sunday for our Dragonball FighterZ event, on top of upcoming Zehn Masters events and various other streams! Drop us a follow at our channel right here! Thanks for reading everyone! Who are your favorite Twitch streamers and why? Let us know in the comments!  

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