Monster Hunter World is ruining my life!

Or should I say it has ruined. I swear I'm taking a break after I grind out a few more pieces for my new armor set and learn all the ranged weapons. The last Monster Hunter game I played this heavily was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS which was quite a few years ago.This is my first Monster Hunter with online multiplayer and I was super excited to finally run missions with hunters from around the world! Outside of my brother, this was also the first time I was able to play Monster Hunter with friends and it's been quite the experience!

Monster Hunter World is a really pretty game! I've been so used to my Monster Hunter games looking like something from the PS2 era that I was pleasantly surprised at how the game looks in MHW! The screenshot above is from the TITLE SCREEN! I believe the title screen changes based on the last area you quested in, which happens to be based off my favorite area(visually) in the game. Speaking of the world, there's a chance for two large size monsters to get into a turf war where they start fighting each other. It's treated as a special event where the two monster ignore any hunters and begin a special sequence fighting each other. I really appreciate how alive the ares feel watching the monsters,small animals and even insects interact with one another!
Low Rank Space Cat armor!!

I want to take a moment to appreciate some of the quality of life changes I've noticed since my playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. First and foremost, you can swap equipment,manage items and EAT MEALS while in camp while you're out on quests/expeditions.  I forgot the best part, you can fast travel to your campsites as long as you aren't targeted by a monster or in combat! Perfect for times where you forgot to eat for the food buffs or brought fire weak armor against a lava monster. Have I mentioned you have an area wide map that lists what monsters are in which zones,what gathering nodes you can find and even the ability to sort through all that information? I'm so happy I don't need my laptop to find where bonepiles or mining nodes are in a given area. Second, you no longer have to craft separate armors for melee and ranged weapons! This made learning ranged weapons easier because I no longer had to craft a decent armor set before I could practice using it out in quests. Perhaps the largest change I noticed what how items work. Before, your bag space was where you held usable items, mined ore and monster parts. In Monster Hunter World, you have separate space for monster/ores/gathering materials and usable items. Item management was a serious issue!

Even though I sunk so many hours into the game already I can't wait to continue the hunt. I want to put my playtime to good use and make a beginner's guide but I had so much fun exploring and learning everything in game.That's it for now, here's a picture of what weapons I've been using in my ~120 hours of playtime. I'm serious about learning a ranged weapon! I've taken a liking to the bow!!

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