Games to Look Forward to in February!

UFC 3 (PS4, XB1)

If you didn't want to spend an extra $20 to get this game a few days early, the regular edition comes out the 2nd! Not only do you get to play the same game as last year, but it has slightly better graphics. WOW!

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

One of the most beloved games released on the PlayStation 2, Shadow of the Colossus makes it's return with a remake for PlayStation 4. With the recent gameplay videos released over the past few months the game looks incredible. There's a reason people hail this as one of the greatest games ever made. Maybe we'll see the cut colossus included in this remake! If you are interested in it we have the original available for play in our retro station!

Kingdom Come Deliverance (PS4, XB1)

Kingdom Come Deliverance is the first release by Warhorse Studios. With an open world take on Medieval times, you take the role as the son of a blacksmith whose family was murdered by the invading army. This game is aiming to do a lot of incredible things. All quests are non linear, meaning there are numerous ways to approach them. Or if you don't do anything they will eventually solve themselves. NPCs can report you to authorities, which could lead to anything from a fine to torture. Crimes will also affect economics and NPC overall "health". On top of that you will need to sleep and eat regularly to stay alive.

Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4)

The millionth installment of the Dynasty Warriors series is nearly upon us. Get ready to mash buttons and destroy massive waves of enemies! I like to make fun of this series simply because it feels like nothing has changed other than graphics and some new characters. Though there's nothing wrong with playing a game like this, it's just not my thing.

Secret of Mana (PS4, Switch)

One of my favorite games on the Super Nintendo is getting a remake. While I would've preferred just HD sprites, I'm glad that they're giving this great game another chance at life.

Bayonetta 1+2 (Switch)

If you happened to have missed out on the first Bayonetta on PS3 or 360 and Bayonetta 2 on Wii-U dont fret. If you have a Switch you will be able to play both! If you enjoy hack n slash titles, Bayonetta is one of the best in the genre. It will be a good hold over until Bayonetta 3!

Metal Gear Survive (PS4, XB1)

The first Metal Gear game without any involvement Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Survive is a stealth action game that can be played with up to 3 other players online. The game has gotten quite a bit of heat from Metal Gear fans and while it does look decent, having the Metal Gear name on it will negatively impact it. I feel like they could've benefited better if they remade one of the Metal Gear titles but we'll see how this goes!

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet (PS4, XB1)

The fourth Sword Art game is getting near and it's looking pretty solid! I'm not a SAO fan by any means but my friends that are seem to be very excited. Gun-play is an exciting addition to this entry in the series as well!

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