Zehn Masters Week 7 Recap

We're in the home stretch with the Zehn Masters LANs, with week 7 complete and one final week of LANs coming up. If you're a Tekken 7 or CS:Go player this weekend will be your last chance to qualify before the series enters the WAN-only phase.

LAN Winners

Daygan and Farfignewton both went unopposed in the LAN events for NBA2K and Hearthstone this weekend. Both will advance to upcoming $500 national events. Congrats guys!

The CoD event saw three teams competing in the 4v4 World War II event. We were expecting a lot more but perhaps the cold weather kept some teams away, with record low temperatures outside in the negatives. We ran a round robin event with team Gutterslugs taking it down 4-0. This team featured 1/2 of All Hail Balthazar, the last Call of Duty LAN winners. Congrats!

National Events

Friday night saw Landon competing in the Tekken 7 national. Tekken is admittedly not his game and he tied for 5th out of 8. Some of the other LANs ran into some snags with networks which resulted in delays, and we were able to host some games between Utah and Florida to help move the bracket along. Big shout out to Tim K for the work he did on our network some months back!

Saturday was the Overwatch national with Project Bastion making their debut on the national stage. This event only saw 4 teams nationwide, and Bastion went 0-2 on the day. It was great to see the team gather after the game and talking, and jumping directly into an 8-person practice at the LAN for the next few hours. This is a great attitude to see and we're happy to see them back at it putting in work. We'll continue to support the team at LAN Mob on a weekly basis and look forward to tournaments in the future!

Sunday saw team The Chill return to the CS:Go national, this time with 8 teams! The competition was tough and The Chill went 0-2. I was pleased to again see the team gathering and talking amongst themselves about what went wrong and how they can improve. These are the types of conversations that will help good teams grow into great teams, and I'm happy that can happen at LAN Mob.

Playing the Best

I've said it before in a prior blog post but I really see competitive gaming as a bit like an onion, with tens of layers the deeper you go. There are certainly things that can go wrong on game day that impact the outcome, but also so much of the outcome is dictated by skill and prior time invested. Through dedication you can slowly peel back the layers, and if you stick with it long enough - and have the right support structure around you - eventually you can climb your way to the top. I feel like being able to play against the best is a huge piece of that puzzle, and even if it feels like you're getting steamrolled, if you can pick up a handful of ideas or concepts from the process you've leveled up.

So that's one service we're happy to provide, and it doesn't come free: we rely on the tickets sold at the LAN events to make up our costs of entry. We're nearing the end of the series but if you know anyone who plays Tekken 7 or CS:Go please spread the word and send them to the Facebook events to check out the details.

We're constantly thinking about other ways we can help as well, outside of just offering a venue and a path to higher level competition. Our coaching teams for League and Overwatch I believe have had tremendous value on our players, and I'm working on a way we can grade that progress to show players in what ways they're improving. I'm really excited for the new competitive seasons and seeing how our teams place in competitive when they're ready to cross that bridge. Long-term we understand we need to find ways to allow our best players to make a living playing games, and that includes our staff and volunteers. That likely won't come from one source but several, and we've laid the groundwork for the path forward. The picture has gradually become clearer of what type of company we'll be one day and the journey towards that has been an adventure, thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride!
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