Zehn Masters Final Week Recap

The final week of Zehn Masters qualifiers have come and gone! Thank you to everyone who has participated as a spectator, competitor and sponsored national player. We began this process back in late October with the Project Veigar and Bastion teams, and now have just a handful of nationals left to attend as Rome Revolution sponsored players. All the weekends details are below.

Tekken 7

We had a great turnout for the Tekken 7 tournament, including some really talented Romans that we hadn't met before. In the end ZTS out of Syracuse took down the tournament and won himself a jersey and entry into the $500 national on Sunday January 28th. ZTS is regarded as one of the best players in New York State and we expect he'll be a competitor at the national. When he's not rolling people in Tekken ZTS is a film student at SU working on raising money for his first independent film Maria, which he describes as "a cross between Pinnochio and the Terminator". If you would like to support a local gamer's film follow this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/maria-film-action#/

ZTS stated this was the best lighting for the shot.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite National

Ladon had a 3rd place finish in the MVCI National with wins over TGF and Evo. It's been great getting to know Ladon and we're really looking forward to his presence going forward as our fight nights develop. As much as we've struggled with the nationals for fighters due to online fighters being not ideal for tournaments, running the fighters has introduced us to a lot of new players locally. We hope you guys will come check out the upcoming Thursday night fights, season 1 begins Thursday!


League of Legends National

Team Supernova took 4th place, with a win over ECG and losses to TGF in both winners and losers brackets. TGF featured a bot lane duo ranked Master & Challenger and went on to place second in the tournament. Supernova is always fun to watch and we had a bunch of Project Veigar members sitting and watching the stream next door. Great job to the team!

Team Supernova

CS:Go Round 2 Winners

Congrats to Team Onliners on advancing to the second CS:Go $1500 national on January 27th! They were all attendees at our first CS:Go qualifier back in December that ended up running 12 hours, with multiple matches with Team The Chill going the full 15 games. We're looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the national!

Flawless Victory

Catch Us Live

We'll be streaming as many of the upcoming nationals as we can live at twitch.tv/lanmob - here are the upcoming dates to watch for!

Friday January 19th 9 PM - Madden 2018 featuring K Good
Saturday January 20th 1 PM - Call of Duty 4v4 featuring Team Gutterslugs
Sunday January 21st 1 PM - Hearthstone featuring Farfignewton
Friday January 26th 9 PM - NBA2K18 featuring Daygan
Saturday January 27th 1 PM - CS:Go 5v5  featuring Team Onliners
Sunday January 28th 1 PM - Tekken 7 featuring ZTS

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