Rob's Top Sega Genesis Games

The Sega Genesis was my first console. Handed down to me after my Brother got his PlayStation 1 and my Sister got her Nintendo 64. Luckily I had quite a few games at my disposal and I played them constantly. This system holds a special place in my heart and though I haven't played a ton of the games in the Genesis library, I have played enough to be able to make somewhat of a decent list.

15. World of Illusion
World of Illusion is a solid platformer with a great two player dynamic. The level designs are vibrant along with some solid platforming sections all throughout. The game truly shines when you have a second player going through the experience with you. It also has next to no difficulty so even if you're not so great at these kinds of games it's a great substitute! Though it's mostly here due to nostalgia I find this game to be tons of fun.

14. Battletoads
Meme aside, Battletoads is an amazing game. Punishingly difficult but still so much fun. I was lucky enough to have a friend give me his copy and I played it nonstop. Unfortunately it got ruined in a flood but it remains as one of my favorite Genesis games of all time, even if it is an NES port.

13. NBA Jam
BOOMSHAKALAKA. NBA Jam is still one of the best arcade games I have ever played. It's highly fast paced and intense games left everyone playing it infatuated with it. The announcer yelling after every shot and getting the "On Fire" status was a good middle finger to your opponent. The console version is faithful to the original release and includes cheat codes that turn your team into Scorpion, Sub-Zero, or even Bill and Hillary Clinton. It's a game that still gets regular play from me.

 12. Beyond Oasis
The Genesis had it's fair share of RPG games. From Shining Force, Phantasy Star, etc. Beyond Oasis is one of my favorites. Beyond Oasis had a great story behind it to boot with it's excellent Legend Of Zelda influenced gameplay. You'll get all different types of weapons to use on your quest along with spells. It doesn't exactly pose much of a challenge but the overall experience is an enjoyable one. It's available dirt cheap on Steam but of course there are always emulators!

11. Streets of Rage
Beat 'em Up games were reigning supreme on the Genesis and SNES. Streets of Rage was one of those games that made some SNES owners upset that they didn't have the other console. Each character had a cool look and the level design was fantastic. The boss battles too were a ton of fun and provided a strong difficulty curve. With a combination of outrageous as well, Streets of Rage is a must play game with a friend.

10. Golden Axe
On the other side of the Beat 'em Up spectrum, there was Golden Axe. A Fantasy themed game with choice between a Male and Female Warrior and a Dwarf. Being able to collect potions with each one leading to a stronger special move. You use these to your advantage to advance through waves of enemies to eventually slay the evil entity Death Adder.

 9. Tiny Toons
For a Sonic the Hedgehog "clone" Tiny Toons was damn good. Konami seemed to use the processor of the Genesis to the max and this game 1000% benefited from that. The gameplay is very fast paced and is uncluttered even with it's intense platforming moments. The heavy amount of levels that had quite a bit of variants never made the game seem boring or too rehashed. Of course you can't be disappointed with anything Tiny Toons.

8. Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat II is one of the most balanced fighting games I have ever played. There weren't many characters that felt too easy to fight against as it always came down to pure skill. Plus at the time the fatalities both from characters and stages fascinated me when I was younger.

7. Columns
Columns is an excellent puzzle game made by Sega. It's a game that I frequently play when I want to just relax and zone out for awhile. During my most stressed out moments I would go to my friend's house or vice versa and we would just zone out and play for hours.

6. Lost Vikings
An excellent puzzle-platformer from Silicon & Synapse. You might know them now as Blizzard Entertainment. Before they entered the foray of PC, they were well versed on the Genesis/SNES releases. Releasing games like Blackthorne, Rock 'n Roll Racing, and The Death and Return of Superman, The Lost Vikings is a well designed and funny game that is a joy to play all the way through. With it's intricate puzzles only achievable by switching between the three Norse brothers to advance. Though the Sega version is lacking in musical quality compared to it's SNES counterpart, it makes up for it with extra levels and a higher resolution.

5. Dragon's Fury
I love pinball. A goal when I get my own place is to get a nice Pinball Machine and just waste my life away on it. Dragon's Fury is a game that keeps me at ease with this and is such a time sink. Everything about it is great when a console pinball game shouldn't be. The design of the levels and bonus modes makes the game feel so much more than what it should be. The two player mode as well can make things intense. My Mother and I play this quite frequently but I always seem to lose (She cheats).

 4. Toejam & Earl
A unique game that is still pretty damn fun to play. There is no pressure you can just do whatever you want at your own pace. With all of the quirky characters/enemies and level design, it works very well and has such a high level of charm and it's funky soundtrack it never fails to put a smile on my face. The two player mode as well gives it much more replayability. Now to only wait for the new entry of the series to come out in 2018! I'm so excited!

3. Aladdin
Another Disney/Movie/Virgin Interactive game. Aladdin was just as much fun as The Lion King. The gameplay was solid and the graphics at the time were very impressive. Being able to showcase the amount of color within the game showed how skilled the developers were. There is the argument between people on either the Genesis or SNES version is better but I would have to go with the Genesis due to the fact that Sega didn't put many restrictions on development. Nintendo wouldn't allow Aladdin to use a sword as a weapon due to it not being family friendly. Seems like a petty reason to not like a certain version, but I think it suits Aladdin more than just throwing apples. This would be another game I would like to make a speedrun attempt at. I will become the best Genesis speedrunner NA.

2. Lion King
Usually if you mention this game to someone who has played it, you'll get the general consensus that this game is quite difficult. Reasoning being behind the dreaded "I Just Can't Wait to be King" level was because back when this was released rental stores were at their peak. Disney wanted Virgin Interactive to make a level so difficult that kids couldn't beat the game within the rental dates, leaving kids to wanting their parents to buy the game so they could beat it. This easily is one of my most played games on the console. I've beaten the game plenty of times so many times that it would be routine with my friends at the time to beat it whenever we would hang out. I haven't played it in awhile but recently I've had the itch. Next thing you know you'll see me making speedrun attempts going for the world record.

1. Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Everyone knows that back in the day you were either in Mario's corner or Sonic's. Sonic was improving with each entry in both level design and controls, adding in new moves with each title. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 blew expectations out of the water and revealed a game with seamlessly connecting levels and flawless platforming. Not to mention it's even better if you have Sonic & Knuckles available to you as well! It's a shame to see the path that Sonic has went down. Though Sonic Mania has shown that Sonic as a series does it's best when it is in a 2D format.

Honorable Mentions
Mean Bean Machine The Revenge of Shinobi
Earthworm Jim
Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force II
Decap Attack
Castlevania: Bloodlines
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