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New year new games. Except I will be barely playing any of the new releases. Instead I will have to deal with my fat backlog and slowly chip away at it.

Persona 5

As of writing this, I have roughly 50 hours clocked into Persona 5. I've said this numerous times but the game is easily the best I've played in a long time. I hope to finally beat this by the end of February. 

Yakuza Kiwami

After beating Yakuza 0 I was engrossed in the world of Kiryu and Majima. I got Kiwami on release day but haven't touched it in hopes of seeing a remaster of Yakuza II. Sega announced late last year that they were in fact remastering the second entry in the series, but that means it'll be awhile before it comes to the states. With 6 coming in a few months I'm tempted to pick it up but I want to play through the whole story.

Nier Automata

Nier is next on my backlog list after these two are finished. I've heard so many great things about this game and from the hour I played it on release I really enjoyed it. Though work got in the way of playing farther into it. I won't let it get in the way this time!

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

I can't wait for Tuesday! I've been cracking out on the beta trying to find my favorite characters. So far Cloud of Darkness, Squall, Cloud, and Zidane feel the most comfortable. I have been waiting for a console release of Dissidia since 012.
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