My Favorite AGDQ 2018 Runs!

This past week, AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) began. For those who don't know, AGDQ is a full week stream of nonstop speed runs from all different types of games spanning all systems. Hundreds of people gather together to speedrun games they enjoy for the goal of gathering donations for different charity organizations. This year was for Prevent Cancer. At the end of the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild run, they accumulated $2,261,883.19 in donations, beating last year's record of  $2,222,790.52. It's a ton of fun to watch people that have a passion for speedrunning attempt to break world records and have an all around good time. While there are always set backs during some runs and even some awkward moments, it's always a pleasure to watch. Of course I didn't have a weeks worth of free time to watch every run. I tried to tune in as much as possible and I was lucky enough to be able to watch quite a few runs. Here are the ones I enjoyed the most.

Ratchet & Clank (NG+) - ThaRixer
A short run, but it's one of the best! The runner and commentary was very well spoken along with all the other runs on this list. One of my favorite games on the PS2 and it was crazy seeing all of the tricks that were pulled off. 

Super Mario Sunshine (120 Shines) - AverageTrey
Super Mario Sunshine runs are always awesome to watch. Last year's run was a 4-man race but this year had AverageTrey doing a 120 Shines run.

Metal Gear Solid (Any % Extreme) - plywood
The mustache.

Rayman - Glackum
It was awesome to see one of my favorite games get a speedrun. The fact that it got beaten in 1:21:16 is unfathomable to me.

Resident Evil 7 (New Game Madhouse) - Carcinogen
A very entertaining run with amazing commentary.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Any % Race) - wusscake, Bawkbasoup
Speedrun races are always entertaining, this one is no exception.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Open NMG Randomizer Race)
I'm not a big Legend of Zelda fan, but this run was extremely entertaining to watch. It was a different approach and I hope to see more runs like this in the future.

Super Dram World 2 (100%) - grandPOObear
A highly anticipated and one of the most hyped speedruns from the whole event. Super Dram World was intense and was nonstop entertaining. The platforming in this game is unbelievable I can't even imagine trying to attempt it.

Awful Games Block - 14 Games
One of the most entertaining blocks AGDQ has had, The Awful Game Block was nothing but terrible games for a good 3 hours. Whether it be from voice acting, controls, graphics, or all of the above. Each run is worth a watch. NOTE: There are plenty of other runs if you are interested in watching the rest. They're all available on their YouTube Channel all uploaded around the same time so you'll find the others grouped up with the videos below!

Warcraft III - sajiki
A fun run to watch with an enthusiastic commentary. It was clear that the group was happy to be there running this game for everyone.

Dragon Warrior - NESCardinality
A great run showcasing RNG (Random Number Generating). With each frame counting towards this entertaining run, NESCardinality and his crew kept the run interesting with their commentary and had you paying attention all the way to the end.

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