Holiday Haul 2017: Spoils of War(dor) Definitive Collector's Edition

Since Black Friday, I've been on the hunt for all kinds of video game deals. Most to fulfill my holiday shopping but once I got that out of the way it was all about ME. With that said, here's what I picked up over the shopping season! RIP in peace my gaming queue.
Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Picked this up the standard edition for a cool $25 on Black Friday! I had a lot of fun with the previous entry, Shadow of Mordor, when I played it last winter. I was hoping to bring my nemesis into the sequel but the console version of Shadow of War was $10 cheaper than its PC counterpart!

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition

While I did want to expand my Switch library, I wasn't expecting to pick this up until it read recommendations for it on a Switch forum. I had fun playing Rayman Origins back on Xbox 360 way back when! I remember buying a corded controller to bring to my friend's place just to get a 4 man game going! Without buying anything extra, I have enough controllers for a 3-man game. I wish Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller weren't so expensive. Should still be fun even if we're a man off!

Everybody's Golf

The franchise formerly known as Hot Shots Golf in the states,I picked this up for $20! I remember Rob wrote a blog about playing through Everybody's Golf. I just really like golfing games so I'm glad I was able to get this cheap. I was hoping to pick this up digitally but a physical copy half off it's usual price is hard to beat! Note: A week after I bought this, it went on sale digitally. I cried blood

Final Fantasy XV

FFXV or what I affectionately call: Boy Band Simulator! The deluxe edition of this game was crazy cheap on PSN,it came with the base game and all the DLC. My coworkers and friends spoke highly of this game and figured I'd give it a whirl. The last numbered Final Fantasy I've played was FFX, so this should be a real treat!
Battle Chef Brigade

Cody gave me this as a gift! Funny enough, I was planning on buying it the day he told me! I'm still waiting on the rest of the "Nindies" but Battle Chef Brigade was one of them that caught my eye. From what I loosely understand about the game, you hunt monsters & ingredients in a hack n' slash portion of the game and return to cook dishes from what you've gathered in the style of a puzzle game.

Bioshock: The Collection

Also a gift from a friend! The Bioshock series always intrigued me but I never had a chance to play them. Closest I came was watching one of my suitemates play through the first game. Time is an issue but I hope to make my way through these games by next year. I heard the story's real good so that's a real motivator for me!


 A GIFT FOR MYSELF.Battlerite went free to play November 8th! During it's early access phase, you could buy the game and it would award you a pass for all current and future champs. That same pass is available for purchase now that it's free to play but at an increased cost. I've been playing Battlerite on and off for a few weeks and lucked out when it that pass went on sale during the winter steam sale!  Since Master X Master shut down, I've been looking for another game that had a similar PVP experience. I may not know what's going or who's meta but I've been having a blast.

And that's the great holiday haul of 2017! I'm going to try real hard and play through all these games one way or another. 2018 is the year my gaming queue dies!
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