Happy New Year! Zehn Masters Week 6 Recap.

Daygan competing in NBA2K18 Zehn Master National

2017 is a wrap, thank you to everyone who has come through our doors over the past year and supported the LAN, blog, eSports efforts, Twitch, and other social medias. We're happy to create a space for you to enjoy games from casual to competitive, and look forward to new plans in 2018.

Week 6 of Zehn Masters qualifiers is complete! This weekend saw us hosting 4 LAN qualifiers and competitors in 3 WANs for 7 tournaments total. When I haven't been at the shop TO'ing I've been sleeping and dreaming about TO'ing. This was what we expect will be one of the busiest weekends as the series is beginning to wind down.

Our First Cashes!

We had a low turnout for the NBA2K18 qualifier with Daygan advancing to the nationals. I've known Daygan for 15 years and was aware he played NBA among other games, but was not sure how good he actually was. I was pleasantly surprised to see him fight his way through the bracket and earning a 2nd place finish for a $100 cash! We've learned that these national brackets are anything but soft, with every entree having already proven themselves by winning a local tournament. With the NBA2K League starting today we hope Daygan continues with his play as there are serious paid eSports opportunities coming out of the NBA in the January - March period of this year. I can personally vouch for Daygan as a positive young man who would be an asset to any NBA franchise looking to pick up a player for their eSports roster. Sign this young man!

Daygan - 2nd place NBA2K18 Winner!

Rome Revolution eSports landed another cash on Sunday with Farfignewton tearing through loser's bracket to force a reset in Grand Finals, nearly taking it all but ultimately falling 3-0 in the reset. I tried to leave him alone for the tournament but my love of card games and Hearthstone caused me to spend most of the time hovering over his shoulder. Congrats to Farfignewton on the $100 2nd place cash and we hope to see him again at our next Hearthstone qualifier next Sunday!.

Farfignewton - 2nd Place Hearthstone Winner!

Our third WAN of the weekend featured team All Hail Balthazar competing for Rome Revolution in the Call of Duty 4v4 national. The team was down a player to strep throat and had a sub fill in for the day, ultimately falling 1-2 on the day. The team showed they have some serious stuff at the last qualifier and I believe will come roaring back in the next qualifier. The Call of Duty competitive scene in CNY has been thriving for years before LAN Mob even existed, and believe that Rome can compete at a national level. We're planning to run two flights for Call of Duty this weekend due to the high interest, with 4 teams playing Friday night and 4 teams Saturday at 1 PM. If you would like in make sure to get your tickets early at our online store - store.lanmob.com

The original All Hail Balthazar

More Qualifier Winners

We also ran four qualifiers this weekend towards upcoming national events. Friday night saw our second Madden qualifier happening, and we were able to pick up a few more competitors this time, with K Good winning in grands scoring a Rome Revolution eSports jersey and entry to the $500 national on January 19th.

K Good wins Madden 18 qualifier

Also Friday we ran our second Overwatch qualifier, with our homegrown Project Bastion team qualifying to the $1500 national event on Saturday January 6th. The team has been putting in a lot of work at the shop and will be practicing this week to prepare for the big one. Congrats guys!

Project Bastion victory pose

Saturday was our second League of Legends qualifier with Team Supernova winning again! They'll return Saturday January 13th to compete in the $1500 national event.

Team Supernova (Jonji in spirit)

Sunday featured a Rocket League 2v2 tournament and our first no-show event, with no teams making it out for the qualifier! This was once a thriving game around the shop but the competitive scene has dried up a bit locally, although we pulled interest from out of town.

This is probably a good segue into more of a general discussion happening around Zehn Masters. There are talks of dropping a handful of games for the second half, as some games have seen low attendance or difficulty at the WAN level. I really hope we can complete out all 20 tournaments and 20 WANs, it's been a lot of work but also a blast for us to meet all these skilled gamers locally, some of which have gone on to surprise us in nationals. Ultimately the decision is a bit out of our hands as much of the funding is falling on the Zehn Masters and ggCircuit HQ. We've offered to put more money into the pot as a LAN Center to help move things along, but not all LANs are in the same position to do so. If there are changes to the tournament I will let everyone know as soon as possible!

There are announcements on the way later this week including a new fight night at the LAN that we're tying together with the eSports brand to hopefully offer some banging sponsorships to our players for regionals to nationals. I would like to wish everyone the best for 2018 - see you soon!

See You Space Cowboy...

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