Enrique's Top 10 Favorite Street Fighter Themes!

I've been in the mode to play some Street Fighter 5 thanks to our Thursday Night Fights. While cycling through the character themes of SF5 it dawned on me, Street Fighter has some great music! I wanted to put together some of my favorite songs from the different Street Fighter. I had to make a second draft of this list after realizing a majority of the songs I picked comprised of Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV's soundtrack. It's hard for me to articulate why I like each song but I'll do my best! I'm not sure if my words will do each song justice but I urge you to give each song a listen!

Street Fighter III:Third Strike - Jazzy NYC '99
I love me some jazz! I got into SFIII LATE but I religiously listened to the soundtrack. This track got me into SFIII!

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Character Select
I played so much of Alpha 2 back in the day and the character select theme never failed to get me pumped!

Street Fighter Alpha  - Guy's Theme

Final Fight is one of my favorite beat em' ups! Guy's theme is a remix of Final Fight Stage 1's theme.

Street Fighter III:Third Strike - Dudley's Theme

All the songs of SFIII are super catchy.Dudley's theme is no exception!

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Adon's Theme
Hate fighting against Adon but he's theme great!

Street Fighter Alpha 1- Charlie's Theme
I prefer Alpha1's version over Alpha2. It's more...exciting?

Super Street Fighter 2 - Dee Jay's Theme

It's really catch.I don't blame the bystanders for dancing!

Street Fighter 2 - Balrog's Theme

Street Fighter 2 - M. Bison's Theme
I thought it was super cool there's a bell playing in the theme and  a destructible on in this stage.

Street Fighter 4 - Character Select
I was so sad the character select theme was changed in the Super Turbo BBQ Arcade editions that soon followed. Both this theme and Indestructible were so good!
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