Dragonball FighterZ Release Week!

In last week's blog I touched on the release of Dragonball FighterZ and my own personal excitement for the title, as well as touching on the general excitement surrounding the game at fight nights. The game has been out about 5 days now, and I'm ecstatic to report that the game is shattering expectations at almost every level. This past weekend was a bit of a FighterZ Fest from start to finish, so here's a short chronicle of some of the events happening in the area, things I learned and what I'm looking forward to in the future.

Fight Nights & The Learning Environment 
I'll start things off by touching on Thursday Fight Nights and Dragonball FighterZ place in the weekly events in the future. To those who may not know, every Thursday night starting at 6pm, LAN Mob holds a special "Fight Nights" where players gather together to play and compete in twelve different fighting games, followed by friendlies/training afterwards. Points are awarded every week based on general performance in the games that get selected for each match and every week we also award additional points based on a vote cast for the player who is helping other players improve by sharing knowledge. These points feed directly into leaderboards for each game, and portions of the buy-ins feed into sponsorship buckets which will pop and allow us to send players to events for each game. I think the system can seem a little odd at first, but considering the actual goal of fight nights, I'm very proud of what we're trying to accomplish here. I think generally speaking one of the only things holding back fighting games on smaller platforms is mindset and negativity. We've been running all sorts of events here at LAN Mob for almost three years now (holy crap!) and I've seen some incredibly talented players fall prey to their own mindsets and give up on something they were incredibly passionate about. I've written about embracing failure in the past, but it can be difficult, I think everyone understands that. I'm happy to see that Fight Nights has been an incredibly positive environment, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The best players at the shop are guys that are helping newer players learn and grow from their own failures, and honestly they're going above and beyond to offer some genuine and real advice. Don't get me wrong, I think the raw cutthroat passion of fighting games has its place, in fact what would the FGC be without it? However, warriors need a training grounds, and I think Fight Nights is perfect for that. I'll touch on it a bit more in the coming section, but fight nights is an excellent place to learn from some of the best local talent around here, especially for Dragonball FighterZ, and I can't stress that enough. Don't be so afraid of failure, let it forge you into an incredible player. That being said, every Thursday night Dragonball FighterZ will be in the rotation of games we'll be playing and I look forward to seeing everyone level up. Shoutouts to CATS for bringing an early copy in last week and helping some guys get in some early practice!

Weekend Events
This last Friday was the first of many tournaments for Dragonball FighterZ in the CNY area, and thankfully some of the LAN Mob crew was able to make it out to compete and hang out. I was ecstatic to be able to go and play with the Sucker Punch community and meet Kinyon, the TO of the event. (awesome dude!) The tournament was held at Wizard's Pinball in Syracuse, which was a really unique and memorable venue, so kudos to those guys for landing such an awesome "emergency" venue. It was an interesting experience to be able to play pinball between our matches, definitely a first. On top of the DBZF launch event, there was also a free SFV Arcade Edition tournament going on as well, with some awesome non cash prizes including exlusive Pop Figures and mystery bags! Check out a video of the venue courtesy of The Boss Lion on YouTube! (Bonus points for spotting LAN Mob employees!)

Ultimately I'm a little disappointed with my own personal performance, going 2-2 and tying for ninth place. Obviously I have a lot more to learn, but I'm more motivated than ever to put in the practice time and compete at a higher level. Not only as an employee of LAN Mob but also as a local player, it was so awesome to see fight night regulars CATS and Chris D break top 5, not to mention Ladon winning the whole event. These are the guys I get to learn from, and it's exciting they're willing to share the knowledge. I feel like I level up every time I play with these guys, and I know it can have the same effect on other players willing to learn. Once again, huge shout outs to Syracuse Sucker Punch for throwing such a fun event, and I really look forward to attending more in the future.

Check out the full bracket here! Woo Ladon!

To finish off the weekend we threw a lock-in event for DBZF, and despite being a small bracket of four brand new players, it was a lot of fun. Even if one wouldn't consider themselves a "fighting game player", it's an easy game to draw people to thanks to the obvious insanely popular source material and how relatively easy the game is to pick up. Bluesteel5 managed to pull a victory by understanding how Dragon Rush works, how to counter it and how to cancel combos into supers, and that base knowledge was enough for him to be able to pretty much clean sweep the bracket, which is pretty impressive.

Upcoming Events
The best part about all of this is that everything is just getting started! Outside of fight nights there are more events on the horizon and more opportunities to level up along with them! Outside of Fight Nights every Thursday right here at the Mob, here is a list of upcoming events in the CNY area for Dragonball FighterZ -

This event is completely separate from fight nights - including a special $100 pot bonus. We hope to see a big bracket and tough competition. Matches will be streamed on Twitch so come make your mark!

Syracuse Salt Mines III
Another event out in Cuse! On top of a Dragonball FighterZ event (with a $100 pot bonus!) there will also be Tekken 7 & Windjammers with pot bonuses, as well as Injustice 2, SFV: AE, MVCI and even Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo!

If there any other local events for DBZF that you know of, let me know and I'll drop them here! Thanks for reading everyone, we hope to see you competing in DBZF in the future!

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