Cody's First Gaming Queue of 2018

Shoutout to Spydude43 for taking me under his memewings to help bring this to fruition.

I haven't written a gaming queue post since November, so it seems like time to update what I've been playing! Rob wrote about the massive amount of game releases in just the first month of 2018 and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already overwhelmed. This month is dropping a lot of games I've been waiting a long time for, and at the same time I'm playing more evergreen games then ever before due to LAN Mob's fight nights and the 2018 ranked season for League of Legends. There's a very specific challenge to juggling a bunch of games, and honestly I have yet to find a good balance, but hey I'm trying. This queue is one of the longest I've ever written, so here we go!

LAN Mob's Thursday Night Fights are every Thursday from 6pm -10pm

This last week LAN Mob launched our first official week of Thursday Night Fights and it was so much funner than I thought it would be, and I already had high hopes. The night was filled with sets of every game, and win or lose everyone was having a blast. I was so pleased with the amount of knowledge being shared between everybody, and it really was an early rendition of our original image for Fight Nights. The one personal negative for Fight Nights if I had to pick one is that I really like basically every game available, but I'm really not capable of playing every single one as much as I'd like. I went into Fight Nights with a pretty deep knowledge of Smash 4 and Rivals of Aether but mostly for Injustice 2, but after just a few weeks I really want to improve in SFV and Tekken, so I've been labbing a bit at home while still practicing Rivals of Aether and Injustice 2. Some of our players are so good at swapping between games on the fly and I personally hope to be able to do so as well someday. I can confidently say I've played at least 1 game on the list every single day since preseason, and I look forward to continuing to improve overall. 

One game I wanted to touch on separately is DragonBall FighterZ, which releases this Friday. FighterZ has quite possibly the most hype I've ever seen surrounding a fighting game, and I thought MvC3 would hold that title for a long time. On paper, an anime style DBZ fighting game seems almost too good to be true, but it's 2018 and clearly anything is possible! I can't think of a better developer team to tackle the task then Arc System Works, the creators of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series and I'm counting down the hours until I get to play more of the game outside of betas. I look forward to watching tech evolve, and learning and growing with the community at fight nights. *Continues to count down the hours*

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

I've mentioned my love of the Digimon games in this blog multiple times, so of course when the latest title dropped I was all over it. The Digimon games can be relatively polarizing, especially last year's Digimon World: Next Order, but I think the Cyber Sleuth games are a lot more inviting. These games of course have you raising monsters to combat the forces threatening the internet haven known as "Eden", but they play a lot like a traditional turn based JRPG. I think it's pretty hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere presented to you in Hacker's Memory, even if it's very similar to the original Cyber Sleuth game. I'm only a couple hours in, but I look forward to really diving in to Eden (heh) and seeing all the newest additions to a game series I love so dearly. Hacker's Memory allows you to import your save from the original game, which includes your playtime...I'm already sitting at 150 hours!

Monster Hunter World

Oh boy, Monster Hunter World comes out on Friday, I don't think my body is ready. If you spend time around the shop or are in our Discord server, you've surely gathered that Enrique and Kolunas are beyond hype. I'm pretty excited, I had a lot of fun with the beta, but the main reason I'm picking this one up is to play with friends. As much as I enjoy the competitive side of games, it can be extremely exhausting to try to keep up with, especially when it's ALL you play with your friends. I look forward to some cooperative monster slaying with friends and taking a breather from all the stressful competitive scenes for a bit, I think it's important.

League of Legends

League is one of the few constants in my life and despite memes I think I'll play the game forever. Rome Revolution's League team keeps me relatively busy understanding the meta, working with players and even exploring competitive mindsets as a whole. Season 8 arrived last week, along with the return of competitive regional series like LCS and LCK. I'm not playing as much as I'd like, in fact I'm playing far less than I'd like, but I'm watching, learning and absorbing more than ever before. Apparently I'm a full blown insomniac now, so LCK has been a lifesaver. I really want 2018 to be the Season that I dive into Ranked and really push with all the knowledge I've been gathering, and I really hope I can make it happen, but also fighting games. Maybe Riot should just make a League of Legends fighting game...

Suikoden III

Whenever people ask me "What you're favorite video game?", I'm proud to be able to answer the question extremely quickly. (If you asked me my SECOND favorite video game, I'd have to consider for a few weeks...). Konami's Suikoden II is the best game I've ever played in my entire life, and honestly I feel like nothing has come very close to dethroning it. Local Smash player and good friend Xifaxan is also a big fan of Suikoden 2, and when he caught a whiff that I haven't played the whole series yet he generously gave me his copies to finally play. So I'm looking forward to seeing what follows up one of the greatest plots of all time, starting with Suikoden III. So far so good.
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