Rob's Top 5 Games of 2017

Like I've said before, this year has been one the strongest gaming years since '97-'98. This year alone we have seen so many potential GOTY contenders it has been surreal. From indie hits like PUBG to AAA titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, it has been nearly exhausting. There have been plenty of game I have purchased only to either return, sell, or just not play them. Mostly due to the intense amount of time I would have to put into them. I wish I could make this list longer but due to the fact that I played only a mere fraction of games this year, this'll have to do.

Persona 5

Best RPG of the year hands down. Everything about this game is incredible. The art style, music, characters, voice acting, battle system, all of it. I still have yet to beat it but whenever I have the time to sit down and play it I easily sink hours into it.

Yakuza 0

It took me 10 months to get through it but it was an amazing experience. With the serious story and the mostly hilarious and awkward sidestories, Yakuza completely won me over. The variation of the beat 'em up style combat and varying amount of enemies left me having fun with every fight and never getting bored. With it being my first attempt at the series it was a great way to start considering that Sega is looking to remaster all the previous titles while Yakuza 6 is looking at a March 2018 release.

Resident Evil 7

After what many fans of the franchise consider a disaster, Resident Evil 7 brought something to the table that any people thought was lost. Horror. The First person gameplay was mixed at first with people instantly going for the throat that they were copying P.T. (Silent Hills). To me, they succeeded in making first person work. The game is incredible and is always tense. Though playing it in VR is the true way of playing it. After trying it on PSVR I couldn't play the game without it on. It was incredibly well done and I was constantly on edge and never wanted to look around in fear of what could've been near me. The story was very well done as well. The additional DLC they released over time were a great deal of fun as well. I'm looking forward to where the series goes next.

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot is one of my favorite games on the PlayStation 1. So hearing about the remake had me extremely excited. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Vicarious Visions did an excellent job at the task Activision gave to them and they both proved that Crash still has some life in him. With it being one of the top selling games of the year it's hard for anyone to ignore the fact that people want him back in the spotlight.


I feel that Studio MDHR has made one of the best and unique games of the past decade. There are truly no games like this. Gameplay wise it is pretty simple with it's trial and error style of levels and boss fights. But each of them are so incredibly well detailed you can't ignore the hard work and love that went into this project. It's truly a must play and if you don't have an Xbox One or PC, find a friend that does and play it! The Co-Op is just as good. Giving you hours of fun.


While it's not the greatest game it was still a great throwback. Playtonic Games got the job done with recapturing some of the magic from their heyday as former Rare employees. Though there were some clear flaws within the game I was still left more than satisfied with my purchase of it. The characters were cool and the music was great (You can't go wrong with Grant Kirkhope & David Wise). Yooka and Laylee were a bit meh design wise though. Laylee was filled with life but I felt Yooka was a bit bland. It could have something to do with the design of him though.

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