League of Style? League of DRAAAAAVEN

With the huge rune system revamp and teams gathering around the shop practicing for the Zehn Masters series, I decided jump back into league. I've always had two problems with League of Legends(it used to be three but I'm finding toxic communities being found no matter where you go) and they are match times in 5v5/Summoner's Rift and how the old rune system forced you to either buy a recently released champ or spend around that same IP to set up a single rune page. As cool as that is, that won't get me back into League of Legends, average game times are too long for me to bear. What keeps bringing me back in are the champion designs and occasionally, skins.

Back in Spring 2017, I dove back into League of Legends because of Xayah and Rakan. I love everything about these two. In-game, both characters ooze personality with their various voice lines and have special interactions when they're either facing each other or on the same team! Both Xayah and Rakan have 1 ability that gains an additional effect when they're in proximity of each other. For Rakan, he has an increased range for his E ability(a leaping shield) if shielding Xayah. For Xayah, when she uses her W ability(a damage buff), it also applies to Rakan if he's nearby. My favorite thing about these two is their joint recall. If one of the pair initiates a recall, their partner can join the recall as long as the animation is going and both champions will recall back to base! They have a cute dance animation when they recall together! Course, after I had my fill of these champions I stopped playing!!

Another pair of champions,technically speaking, that really caught my eye were Kayn and Rhaast. As a preface, I always thought it was cool some champions have in-game missions if they were on opposite teams such as Rengar vs Kha'Zix or Lissandra vs Sejuani vs Ashe(any of these champs being on opposite teams). The Rengar vs Kha'Zix quest has an impact on the gameplay. If Rengar wins, he gets a 6th stack on his bonetooth necklace while if Kha'Zix wins he gets a fourth evolution point! From what I understand on how Kayn works, he transforms depending if he damages ranged or melee champions. There's a progress bar for the player to track and once the conditions have been met, you transform into that form. Depending on which form you take, his kit gains bonus effects. Although I detest the jungle role, I'd play this guy just to walk inside the walls and should NOTHING PERSONAL,KID when my ult goes off.

Remember when I said I came back to League of Legends to try out the new runes? I was lying. I came back for Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, because she has launch skin that reminds me of the  Splatoon series and Persona 5(literally two of my favorite things). That's it. Also she has a crazy kit that reminds me of pre-rework LeBlanc that I feel has the potential to be more oppressive. She looks like a high skill champion and I can't wait to see her in action.

I hate how this game can drag me back in. While writing this blog post, I kept eyeballing Riot's merch store to see if this is the day I buy the long overdue "League of Draven" shirt and then that snowballed into 4 shirts. That's what got me into this game in the first place! It's very stylish and some of the champions and skins they pump out are really cool. I'm gonna try my best to keep an arm's distance from this game but you might find me playing the occasional ARAM or two. Or I'm working on that support Draven for my ranked placements.
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