Games to Look Forward to in January!

After thinking that 2018 will be a little lighter considering the mass amounts of great titles is a punch to the face. 2018 is starting off the gate with some top notch RPG and fighting games. Though if you aren't too heavy into the genre then January isn't going to be a great month for you.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)
This new edition of SFV will include all 12 DLC characters, an arcade mode (which wasn't in the original release), along with Extra Battle Mode. Don't worry though! If you already have SFV you will get a free update with the new game modes.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory (PS4)
The second installment in the Cyber Sleuth series, Hacker's Memory is shaping up to be a really good JRPG. With a solid looking battle system, it looks like the game will keep you entertained for the duration of the game!

Ni No Kuni II (PS4)
Level 5 and Studio Ghibli are at it again with the second installment of Ni No Kuni! If you never played the first one that's fine, you won't need to! Though I personally recommend it, the game is great. We'll see if it can recapture the magic that the first one had.

The Inpatient (PSVR)
A game that should have been released 2 months ago, The Inpatient is looking at a solid release date now. The next game from Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) is continuing the lore with this horror game that takes place in an asylum (Perhaps the one in Until Dawn?). The game is fully playable in VR too! You can never turn down a good VR Horror game.

Monster Hunter: World (PS4, XB1)

The first Monster Hunter on PlayStation since the PS2 and the first Monster Hunter on Xbox in general! Monster Hunter World has had 2 betas in the past month and so far it's looking very promising. The gameplay is excellent and the online co-op will be a ton of fun.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4, XB1)
A new Dragon Ball fighter is nearly upon us, and it is really fun! From trying out the beta i found myself having a blast. I am in no way a Dragon Ball fan, but this game has me pumped for release day here at LAN Mob!

EA Sports UFC 3 Champions Edition (PS4, XB1)
The next UFC game is nearly upon us! The regular edition comes out in February, but if you're willing to cough up an extra $20 you can get the champions Edition which nets you the game 3 days early along with a bunch of extra online content! Graphically it looks a little better than the last installment but nothing too crazy.

Final Fantasy Dissidia: NT (PS4)
Finally, a console version of Dissidia! However, this one is a bit different than it's predecessors. Instead of 1v1 battles it's 3v3 battles. With Final Fantasy characters spanning from I-XV (and Tactics!) each belonging to one of four combat categories. Assassin, Marksmen, Specialists, and Vanguards. I'm very excited for this release and it's looking to be one of my only purchases this year.   

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