Calling all Gamers! Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the Zehn Masters series is complete, and we have 7 newly minted players on their way to nationals with some fresh Rome Revolution eSports jerseys. Read on below for all the details and an outlook on what's coming in Week 3. But before we get into that I'd like to take a step back and address something that's been bothering me.

This is an awesome series and opportunity to Central and Upstate NY to compete on a national stage against some of the best in the US. With many eSports events happening in places like Los Angeles, Orlando, Dallas, Boston, and other major cities around the US it can often be costly in travel and fees to attend events and get exposure to some of the best gamers nationally. This opportunity we have now won't come along often - we have just 8 weeks of qualifiers before this series wraps. If you're good at a game but not sure how great you really are, and want to get some real exposure to some of the best in the US, this is your shot to do that.

We've had a few events where attendance has just not been up to the opportunity being made available here. We're qualifying players to nationals with prize pools anywhere from $500 - $2000, but some of these events have had only a handful of participants. The players who have shown up are no doubt good players, but the competition has been somewhat anemic compared to what we know Central New York can offer.  Perhaps it's the lack of eSports events locally, or maybe it's players not feeling they have what it takes and not wanting to find out where they stand, or maybe its just people not wanting to leave their living rooms to participate in the in-person events. Whatever the case may be - if you would like to see a thriving eSports scene happening in Central New York, we need more of you to show up on game day and participate.

I'll also note again for any Overwatch or League of Legends players looking to improve at the games and find a team - we have practice nights at the shop for $5 where you can get coaching and meet some of the local players, and we're even submitting a final "LAN Mob" roster to each of those events for no fee. The players and coaches are all very friendly and happy to help any newcomers get started; send us a message or talk to one of the staff members to find out when the next practice is happening.

Now for the recap!

Madden 18

This was a game we've never run any tournaments for before but were happy to see some local players turn out. We ended up running a round robin format with Chad "On_Fire9" Lewis breaking a tiebreaker with overall points scored, winning a Rome Revolution eSports jersey and advancing to the $500 national event on December 22nd.

On_Fire9 on the far right

You can view On_Fire9's replay here:

League of Legends 5v5

We saw three teams competing in the event including Supernova, Bill's Roofing and Project Veigar. The latter has been LAN Mob's internal project that we've been investing many hours into recruiting, coaching, and practicing League at the shop.  The team consisted of Top Darrin "hi im darsu" Johnson, Schane "Ithrean" Conner, Thomas "Kolunas" Palmer, Tommy "Taggles" Gymburch and Branden "I NaCl I" Bolivar. We were very excited for this event as their debut to see how they stack up against tournament competition.

In the end Team Supernova went undefeated and won convincingly, adding some Rome Revolution eSports jerseys to their collection and qualifying to the December 16th $1500 national event. The diamond team consists of Keiffer "Ukena" Ukena, Jake "MasterJenz" Mundschenk, Matt "Elsa EX" Pelletier, Dylan "Seigyo" Trying, and Jimmy "Joni" Thai. They've been familiar faces around the shop and the local League of Legends scene, with multiple victories at local college tournaments and proven to be the team to beat in CNY. We're really happy they'll be carrying our banner into the national and getting their shot to take the next step in their careers. Congrats guys!

You can view the highlights here:


We closed out the weekend with Hearthstone, one of my old personal favorites that I haven't played in a few expansions. We had a lot of interest in this tournament but turnout was on the low end, with Terrence "Farfignewton" Campo winning the event and entry to the December 31st national $500 tournament. Terrence has been playing Hearthstone since launch day, reaching as high as rank 1. He'll face tough competition on New Year's Eve - be sure to tune in live to our channel to catch the action when it happens!

You can view Farfignewton's replay here:

Up next - NBA2K18, Call of Duty WWII, and Sprint Vector

This coming weekend will feature NBA2K18 on Friday night - tickets are still available online at Saturday will bring our first Call of Duty WWII event which has sold out - there will be another chance in January and tickets can be found online! We'll round out the weekend with our FREE Alienware VR Cup tournament on Sunday, a chance to try out the Oculus Rift on custom Alienware laptops, with free food, free swag, and a shot to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to compete in a national VR event and over $10,000 in prizes. Just show up on Sunday December 10th and post your best time, and if you have the best time at LAN Mob you have a good shot of making it to the nationals.

In closing I wanted to reiterate something I believe about Central New York and all of you that I've met around the shop - each of you has the chance to be amazing at gaming. It can come out in different ways with different players, but I've seen some outstanding talent come through the shop. The gap that exists between where you are now and where you can be is closed only through exposure to national talent and lots of hard work and dedication. I want this to be the start of something great for some of you but it will only happen if you show up to compete. Together we can do amazing things and I hope you believe as much in LAN Mob as we believe in you.
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