6 items, Rumble Only, Summoner's Rift

I love this character so much. He's made my descent back into madness (League of Legends) easier because he's mechanically the same since I actively played LoL, which was in Season 3 (2012-2013). I think the only major change he had since then was his E - Electro Harpoon - stores charges instead of being on a short cooldown. You can't spam your E anymore and his Q does full damage to minions (I think it was reduced before).

Why do I like him so much? I like to play aggressive. While Rumble's my favorite top laner, Draven's my favorite champion. However, Rumble has a different kind of resource management. Rumble's abilities cost heat, rather than mana or energy. At 50 heat, his abilities have additional effects and at 100 he become silenced for 6 seconds but deals bonus magic damage to his basic attack while overheating. It becomes a delicate balance of keeping your above 50 heat for your enhanced abilities but under 100 to prevent you from overheating & self silence.

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