Zehn Masters Begins!

Today kicks off the Zehn Masters series, a gauntlet of 20 tournaments over the next 8 weeks to find the best competitors in Central New York to sponsor to 20 national online events. Our jerseys are in the works with a local screen printer, featuring the Rome Revolution eSports logo with a black & red design, and a list of sponsors on the back, along with winning player name.

Tonight will be Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, and we’ll round out the weekend with Overwatch 6v6 on Saturday and and Rocket League 2v2 on Sunday. Next weekend will feature Madden 18 on Friday, League of Legends on Saturday, and Hearthstone on Sunday. We’ll have events every weekend thereafter for 8 weeks straight - see the full schedule below. We're committed to sending 20 individuals or teams to their respective nationals, but you can't win unless you try, so grab your tickets online at store.lanmob.com or buy at the door as tickets allow. If you want to tune in to watch you can follow us on twitch.tv/lanmob

We’re happy to bring this event to Central New York as there aren't a ton of eSports opportunities available to the area. Some of these games we’ve never run tournaments for before, so we’re interested to meet some new local players. We’re also hoping the national pot bonuses - some as high as $2,000 - draws in some new blood we haven’t met before. Tekken and CoD specifically have rumored to have some big names make an appearance. We’ll see how the weeks develop!

We’ve formed two teams at LAN Mob (Overwatch and League of Legends) to support in this competition: Project Bastion and Project Veigar. We’re providing coaching services and practice nights to help the teams gain a chemistry and improve.  Cody and Mike may write more in the coming weeks about that experience: stay tuned here.

Project Bastion putting in some late night work

I’ll also be writing up a review every Monday to capture the weekend’s action and highlight some winning player profiles. We want to promote and market your stories as much as possible and help you make an impact in your respective nationals.

Lastly below is the schedule as a reminder. We can only provide a limited amount of seats at the door so to ensure you get your seat pre-purchase your tickets online at store.lanmob.com


Friday November 24, 7 PM - MvC Infinite (qualifier)
Saturday November 25, 1 PM - Overwatch (qualifier)
Sunday November 26, 1 PM - Rocket League (qualifier)


Friday December 1, 7 PM - Madden 18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 2, 1 PM - League of Legends (qualifier)
Sunday December 3, 1 PM - Hearthstone (qualifier)
Friday December 8, 7 PM - NBA2k18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 9, 1 PM - CoD WW2 PS4 (qualifier)
Friday December 15, 7 PM - Tekken 7 (qualifier)
Sunday December 17, 1 PM - CS GO (qualifier)
Friday December 22, 7 PM - MvC I (qualifier)
Saturday December 23, 1 PM - Overwatch (qualifier)
Friday December 29, 7 PM - Madden 18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 30, 1 PM - League of Legends (qualifier)
Sunday December 31, 1 PM - Rocket League (qualifier)


Friday January 5, 7 PM - NBA 2k18 (qualifier)
Saturday January 6, 1 PM - CoD WW2 PS4 (qualifier)
Sunday January 7, 1 PM - Hearthstone (qualifier)
Friday January 12, 7 PM - Tekken 7 (qualifier)
Sunday January 14, 1 PM - CS GO (qualifier)

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