Injustice 2 November Update!

Injustice 2 was a huge surprise for me this year. I genuinely cannot believe how much time I've sunken into NetherRealm's latest fighter, especially considering I was never really that much of a Mortal Kombat player. Alas, 300 hours later and I still find more and more ways to enjoy IJ2, which is perfect because just this last week NetherRealm rolled out a huge content patch! Outside of the content update, there was also a shell shocking reveal for Fighter Pack 3 at the  E-League finals, so there's plenty to touch on. Let's start with the newest character added to the roster - Hellboy.

As I'm typing this it's still hard to believe that Hellboy is actually in Injustice, but it's 2017! Anything can happen! After playing Hellboy for about 5 hours I can comfortably say he looks/sounds/feels exactly like I was hoping for, and once again NetherRealm has managed to push out a genuinely awesome character. Hellboy is definitely best described as a brawler; he's good at punching people in the face. This comparison has been made a lot, but he plays very similarly to how "Doomsday" played in Injustice 1. It's important to note that Hellboy doesn't offer much in the realm of mixups and zoning, but his ability to stay on top of you and just belch damage is pretty impressive. Hellboy has access to a variety of moves straight out of the Dark Horse Comics, including his trusty revolver the, "Good Samaritan", the holy sword Excalibur, bombs and traps, and my personal favorite, demonic charms. By channeling some of these charms during his character power, Hellboy has access to a multitude of buffs. One charm gives a hefty damage buff, one gives armor properties and one will even revive Hellboy from death if his health hits 0 while it is active. I look forward to putting some more time into Big Red, but I'm definitely a fan, even if his playstyle isn't one of my favorites. He also has some of the best intros in the game!

While we're on the subject of new characters and surprising guests, now is as good a time as any to touch on the fighter pack 3 reveal. A group of friends and myself were watching E League live and the trailer was quite the surprise, so check it out if you haven't -

There we have it, The Atom, Enchantress and...all of TMNT? It goes without saying that the roar of response on this one was pretty nuts. Are they all one character? Are they four separate characters? What will their gear look like? Somehow the reveal even turned into a twitter wide contest to try to decide who the "best" Turtle is. I for one think NetherRealm made a very bold call and I trust them to do a great job with such beloved characters. I never would have guessed though, even in the middle of the trailer all I could think was, "Man, why does Rorschach have a Sai?". As far as Atom and Enchantress goes we will just have to see. Atom's reveal trailer made him look unique to play, so I can only hope Enchantress is much different then Starfire, which seems to be a major concern. Ultimately, as much as I was rooting for Rorschach, I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an extremely pleasant surprise!

Along with the November update came plenty of buffs and nerfs to the existing cast, including some really exciting changes. NetherRealm joked that Swamp Thing and Firestorm are now S tier characters thanks to some fantastic buffs, while other characters like Batman were hit with pretty hard nerfs. One of my favorite changes were to Scarecrow -

As with any game studio that consistently works to balance their creation, NetherRealm is under some flak. Some players believe some nerfs were too hard, while some buffs were over the top, but only time will tell. Overall, I think the chances to Batman/Deadshot will make the game a bit more interesting, especially at a high level of play. A lot of players have been complaining about the state of the zoning game in IJ2, so at the very least it's nice to see NetherRealm attempt to address the problem.   

On a less controversial note, NetherRealm has also added in some more gear! For a limited time only special Justice League Multiverse challenges will be cropping up to celebrate the release of the upcoming blockbuster film. As I'm posting this there is currently a Flash and Cyborg tower that will net you the threads from the movie for those respective characters. I'm looking forward to grabbing Batman's! Additionally, NetherRealm added some extra shaders for a handful of the cast titled "Nth Metal". There's quite a few but here are a few favorites -

I've made it rather clear that I'm not a fan of the Legendary Gear system in Injustice 2. As much as I genuinely love the game, I feel like I can't really make a scratch in the Legendary requirements, especially since I like to play most of the cast. I guess I just wish I had the free time to commit to getting some of the gear, alas....there's another batch of Legendary Multiverses for me to feel bad about!

I genuinely hope that in the future NetherRealm makes these pieces of gear less of a chore to get and allow more of their community a chance to actually get some. Hopefully someday! (pls NetherRealm stahp)

Last but not least, Injustice 2 has released on PC! NettherRealm released Mortal Kombat X in a similar fashion, so I'm happy the PC community gets to enjoy their latest title! It's always nice to see a studio continue to work hard to add more and more post launch content, especially when the majority of that content is absolutely free. As I've said before, if it wasn't for how sour the Legendary Multiverse makes me feel, Injustice 2 is easily in my running for GOTY, so definitely give it a chance if you haven't yet!
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