Guild Wars 2 + Halloween Event = LOVE (Back on that Guild Wars 2 griiiiind)

 In the ebb and flow that is my gaming habits, I've picked up Guild Wars 2 again to play the through the halloween event and finally break into the newest expansion,Path of Fire. I'm super sad to see Guild Wars' Halloween event, Shadow of the Mad King, go. I love Halloween! I spent the past few weeks bouncing between the annual Halloween event on a new character and playing through Path of Fire's story.

That's my new character wearing a sweet exo-suit costume.

Last year, I got back into the flow of Guild Wars 2 with a few days to spare before the Halloween event ended. I spent those days grinding out achievements to get a new title. I had to wander the world and interact/carve 150 pumpkins before the end of the event. Luckily, there weren't 150 unique pumpkins to carve (thank goodness). Last year, if I didn't carve up 150 pumpkins before the event ended, I would have to start from 0 in the following year. Luckily for me, a change was made this year to save festive achievement progress from here on out!

That's "Steve", The Labyrinth Horror. He hates you.

I really like the Halloween event because a special map opens up called the Mad King's Labyrinth. The map scales everyone up to the max level(80) and it's a good source of XP with veteran/champion monsters spread throughout the map and frequently spawning events. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to level up a new character while also getting Halloween loot!! As long as the map's not full, you can find people running "trains" or tours around the map hitting up all the events and bosses along the way. There are three high difficulty bosses that spawn on this map but "Steve" the Labyrinth Horror randomly spawns on the map. I tried to take a picture of him as I was running for my life!

...He got me.

Some of the mounts have idle animations! Here's one of the Raptor's.

The other half of my platy time was spent navigating the new region introduced in the expansion, The Crystal Desert! The expansion regions are level 80 content and are a bit more difficult than the 1-80 region. I had a burning desire to unlock all the mounts but I also wanted to take my time exploring the map. The region's really neat! Last night I reached the 5th and final zone but I'm still a few missions off from completing the story thus far. Waypoints(for fast travel) are scarce and spread around the map so you'll be spending a lot of time on your mount!

Skimmer idle animation!

You'll need to pick the right mount of the job to travel through the Crystal Desert! To get to the more out of the way areas, you'll need to navigate through quicksand, scale cliffsides and barricades or leap across chasms. Although I've reached the last zone currently available in the Crystal Desert, I still need to grind out regional mastery points to unlock all of my mount's abilities. I'm also combing the desert for skill points to fully unlock my new specialization/subclass on my main character. Looking  back, I still have a lot of stuff to do on my main character, so that's good! I'm hoping to play Guild Wars 2 on and off until December when a few games I have my eye on release. Hopefully I can show off any cool loot I've gained roaming the Crystal Desert!! I'm secretly hoping for a genie mini-pet.
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