Fire Emblem Warriors' Music is Great

I can't stop listening to the soundtrack of Fire Emblem Warriors. That's this week's blog post! See you next week!! Seriously, it's really good. This past week I decided to "cool off" and not dive immediately into Fire Emblem Warriors "History Mode" after beating Story mode. History Mode has battles where you have to fulfill objectives and each battle is scored by a letter rank. If it works similar to Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Mode, I'll spend a lot of time in this mode unlocking new paths while aiming for the best rank in each mission. In any event, I'd like to distant myself from the game before I burn myself out. Though, as I'm typing this, I have a playlist of the Fire Emblem OST on shuffle because the music is so good!

Other than how it sounds, my favorite thing about the music is how it changes based on what you're doing. If you're out in the field, slashing guys up(playing normally) the music is faster and has a more rock feel to it. In contrast, if you're in the pause menu, the music is "calmer" and reminds me of an orchestral piece depending on the song. In the main Fire Emblem games, or at least in FE: Awakening and Fates, the music would change while you're in battle. I struggle with explaining why I like the music and I think it's best I just share my BVtracks!

Favorite Battle Theme
Justice RIP
This piece is so good! From what I understand, the original song is from Fire Emblem Fates. I feel the guitar adds to the charm the original track has. I like both the battle and field theme of this song but the former gets me so hyped!!

Favorite Field Theme


The "calm" or field version of this song is catchy! I really love the brass(?) instruments. I think this song was made specifically for Fire Emblem Warriors. I remember getting stuck on the mission that debuted this song and I didn't mind it thanks to the music.

Final Battle Theme is Really Good
This Precious World

Okay, the final battle theme is really,really neat. So,Fire Emblem Warriors features primarily from the Shadow Warriors series,Awakening series and Fates. The final boss battle is a medley of the final boss theme from those three games. I find that really cool. 
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