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We've been no strangers to tournaments at LAN Mob, running a 52-week LML series and other tournaments spanning every major game, as well as a midnight tournament at every Saturday overnight. We were happy to send Draxsel off to a handful of majors including EVO 2017 in Las Vegas, cheering him on with watch parties from back home. Discovering and elevating the best local gaming talent at the next level has become a core idea for the LAN Mob staff.

We were recently approached with some new eSports opportunities and are happy to announce those below. These are ambitious efforts and leading the movement of LAN Centers into eSports, and none of this would be possible without our ongoing partnership with the awesome dudes at ggCircuit.

First a big announcement: you've grown familiar with the LAN Mob name and brand, and we've dabbled in sponsorship and plenty of tournament action with this brand. We felt putting a new brand together that focuses solely on eSports and incorporates our hometown name and history would help grow our awareness regionally as well as help put Rome on the map nationally. So here it is, we hope you like it: introducing Rome Revolution eSports!

Rome Revolution eSports

Join the Revolution

If you're a talented gamer and looking for representation, support, and sponsorship, we're happy to provide this opportunity through our new eSports organization named Rome Revolution. This name represents our city's storied history and the revolution of eSports bringing competitive gaming to the next level. Here are a few of the things our organization will offer:

  • JERSEYS - We're giving away over 60 Rome Revolution jerseys to the best local players.
  • TOURNAMENTS - We have over 30 tournaments planned over the next 3 months.
  • NATIONALS - Qualify to compete against 15 other locations nationwide.
  • SPONSORSHIP - Local, regional, and national sponsorship packages.
  • COACHING - Coaching is offered in select games, and coaching opportunities are available.
We're in the early process of bringing on sponsors to help support this effort including local individuals and businesses. If you would like to help support Rome's premier eSports organization you can call us at 315-281-0900. Follow us on Twitter at or on Facebook at

Zehn Masters Winter Series

Zehn Masters Winter Series

The Zehn Masters Winter Series will feature 16 LANs from across North America battling it out for sponsorship and over $20,000 in prizes. These qualifiers are starting very soon, and can only be done at a participating North American LAN center. 10 games are being featured across 20 qualifiers including:

  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
  • Overwatch (6v6)
  • Rocket League (2v2)
  • Madden 18
  • NBA2K18 
  • Call of Duty WW2 (4v4)
  • Hearthstone 
  • Tekken 7 
  • CS: Go (5v5)
  • League of Legends (5v5)
Winning a qualifier earns you a Rome Revolution jersey and a spot in a nationwide 16-spot bracket to represent the Revolution. You can find all of the details including participating locations, finals dates, and official rules at the Zehn Masters website at If you would like to skip the online qualifiers and buy direct to the LAN qualifier we have tickets up on our online store at Here are our local qualifier dates:

LAN Mob - Rome, NY - Qualifier Dates


Friday November 24, 7 PM - MvC Infinite (qualifier)
Saturday November 25, 1 PM - Overwatch (qualifier)
Sunday November 26, 1 PM - Rocket League (qualifier)


Friday December 1, 7 PM - Madden 18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 2, 1 PM - League of Legends (qualifier)
Sunday December 3, 1 PM - Hearthstone (qualifier)
Friday December 8, 7 PM - NBA2k18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 9, 1 PM - CoD WW2 PS4 (qualifier)
Friday December 15, 7 PM - Tekken 7 (qualifier)
Sunday December 17, 1 PM - CS GO (qualifier)
Friday December 22, 7 PM - MvC I (qualifier)
Saturday December 23, 1 PM - Overwatch (qualifier)
Friday December 29, 7 PM - Madden 18 (qualifier)
Saturday December 30, 1 PM - League of Legends (qualifier)
Sunday December 31, 1 PM - Rocket League (qualifier)


Friday January 5, 7 PM - NBA 2k18 (qualifier)
Saturday January 6, 1 PM - CoD WW2 PS4 (qualifier)
Sunday January 7, 1 PM - Hearthstone (qualifier)
Friday January 12, 7 PM - Tekken 7 (qualifier)
Sunday January 14, 1 PM - CS GO (qualifier)

eSports: Coming to a LAN near you!

Whew that's a lot of tournaments! If you're a player in any of the games above we encourage you to attend a qualifier at our shop, and if you need help putting a team together let us know! We meet players in all of these games every day and we're the place to be if you're looking to network with other players.

VR Cup National Tournament

Featured: Oculus Rift VR Headset

The sponsor for this event (a big name) hasn't yet let out all the details, but we can say that we'll have two Oculus Rift headsets for a week-long trial in our shop this December. At the conclusion of the week we're holding a regional tournament with prizes and a chance to qualify for a trip to Las Vegas in January for a nationwide VR competition. The featured game looks AMAZING and we'll share that as soon as we can, but here are just a few additional details we can share:
  1. The first 25 people in the door will receive food vouchers redeemable for snacks & beverages.
  2. Loads of swag will be on hand to giveaway including t-shirts, bags, chargers and other items.
  3. The regional tournament will offer cash prizes and a shot at qualifying to the national event.
We are one of 14 centers participating in this event, and the top 8 times will qualify for the Las Vegas trip, so if you win at LAN Mob you have a good shot of making it to the nationals!

Thursday Night Fights

Draxsel at EVO 2017
If fighting games are your style of play then we have a special series coming. Call it the continuation of LML if you will, although this will have the look and feel of something else entirely. Thursday Night Fights at LAN Mob kick off Thursday January 5th 2018. A venue fee of $10 gives you entry to the event, and we'll have 8 PS4 setups at locations throughout the store including one streaming setup. We're featuring 10 different fighting games and will be keeping an ongoing sponsorship pool for each game, with jerseys and local/regional packages available.

Most importantly for Thursday Night Fights: we'll be featuring a tournament format like nothing you've ever experienced before. Gone are the days of specializing in one game and annihilating brackets, or sitting and labbing with the same few friends for hours on end. If you're good at a game you'll be able to use that to your advantage, but we're going to stretch your fighting game abilities and push you out of your comfort zones to grow the best fighting game community in CNY. We want to grow some monster players to send to EVO 2018 next year, and that process begins with showing up every Thursday at LAN Mob.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we grow the shop and our offerings to Central New York. These opportunities wouldn't be possible without you and we're excited to be taking the next steps in our evolution as an organization. See you at a tournament soon!
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