Cody's November Game Queue

In my last gaming queue blog (September) I touched on my recent "liquid" style of gaming, which has had pros and cons. In a way I feel like I'm playing less games than ever before, but I'm also really appreciating each game much more. It's honestly also a pretty eminent example of how great of a year 2017 was for gaming; there's just a constant stream of something great to play. Here's a list of the games I plan on tackling this November, (outside of the evergreen League of Legends, Overwatch and fighters) whether I'm able to finish them or not!

Divinity: Original Sin 2

I cannot stress enough how good Divinity Original Sin 2 is, in fact sometimes I have a hard time believing how good it is myself. A lot of games go down in history of shining examples for a genre and I feel completely confident in saying DOS2 is one of the best RPGs to release in at least the last decade. My playgroup and I have juggled a few party ideas and builds but our current party is - "Macho Man", the glass cannon human archer (controlled by Spydude43/Drew), Baragore, the self-sufficient undead dwarf necromancer warrior guy (controlled by Scaskull/Anthony), the Origin character "Beast", (controlled by Slooze/Zach) and lastly, my character, "Sandal" the lizard blizzard wizard. We're currently on the last act of the game with over 100 hours clocked and I can't help but feel proud of our group's ability to work our way through the game. I'll definitely be reviewing the game in full when we manage to finish, and we WILL finish! Spoiler Alert - Goty?

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

I've mentioned in past blogs that out of all game genres, my least versed is shooters. It's just pretty rare for me to find a shooter that I genuinely like, but Wolfenstein is certainly one of the few. I honestly didn't think that The New Colossus would be able to surpass the heavy expectations left in the wake of The New Order + The Old Blood, but after about 8 hours in I can pretty comfortably say that I believe it has. Gameplay is just as great as always; it continues to feel great to dual wield assault rifles and roleplay Inglorious Bastards. The narrative and writing is even better than the "first" game, but I won't spoil anything. I look forward to seeing how this one ends.

Hat in Time

I've kept my eye on Hat in Time since 2013 when it's overwhelming success broke records on Kickstarter. I actually backed the game originally, I mean what's not to like? 3D Nintendo style platformers composed by Grant Kirkhope? Yes please! Unfortunately, I ended up backing out of the Kickstarter, but a lot of my closest friends are singing praises for Hat in Time and that's enough for me. I could use something a bit more colorful and upbeat anyways!

Super Mario Odyssey

Hey look, another colorful platformer! I honestly can't say I was (or am) EXTREMELY excited to play this, but it's certainly caught my attention. The hype around this Switch game is pretty insane, so I feel like I have to give it a shot. It looks real pleasant too. I don't have my own switch but thankfully there's a cool place I can go to try out games I don't have on systems I don't own! (it's LAN Mob, just in case you didn't catch that)

Injustice 2: Hellboy

I'M TALKING ABOUT INJUSTICE AGAIN. Hellboy releases on November 14th for all early access players and I couldn't be more excited. Hellboy's kit looks pretty unique, and we even got a look at some of his epic gear. (pictured below) I've been stalling out a bit on Injustice, but I think Hellboy will rekindle my interest, even if he's not voiced by Ron Pearlman.

First look at some of the Epic gear available to Hellboy

There you have it, this is what I plan on playing the most this November, but things have been known to change a bit. I've touched on it in the past and will touch on it again; this year was pretty jam packed with solid games. So much to play! Next month I won't have a queue blog, instead I'll be doing my Top 25 of 2017, which will be quite the challenge. Stay tuned!
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