Rob's Top PlayStation 1 Games!

After seeing Cody do his Top PS2 Blog, I decided to do one on the PlayStation 1. Along with the Nintendo 64, I fought with my siblings about getting playtime on the system. The PlayStation 1 was my older brother's console, but it shaped me into the gamer I am today. This was actually a pretty hard list for me to make. There are so many great games on this system and even while I was finishing this up it feels like I'm missing a few games..

Tales of Destiny
I remember watching my brother start this game and it looked awesome! When I finally got a chance to play it I didn't get far. I always got past the first part on the ship and would always get lost after that. I was terrible at RPG games at the time. I found the game in our basement some time ago in a beat up case of some other random game. Luckily it worked and I was finally able to beat it. It still held up to my expectations and remains my favorite game in the Tales series.

Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back

This is one of my favorite platforming games. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes backs blew me away as a kid. Everything about it is a ton of fun. I also beat the game after I burned my hand on my Mom's curling iron. Nothing was stopping me.

Brave Fencer Musashi
The PS1 was graced with what I consider Square's Golden Age. Brave Fencer Musashi is one of those games. I would rent this game constantly over weekends and try to get as far as I could. The story was interesting and the art style was appealing to the young me. 

Tekken 3

It was either this or Tekken 2. I spent so much time playing through both. Next to Melee, Tekken 3 is easily my favorite fighting game. It controls so fluidly and it's combo heavy gameplay had me hooked. I would spend hours learning as many combos as I could, though now I don't remember a single one.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid changed gaming for the better. Most of the movie-esque quality that you see today is thanks to Hideo Kojima. Right from the beginning you knew you were in for a hell of an experience. The stealth gameplay was a fresh idea at the time and was pulled off flawlessly. The boss battles as well had some crazy tricks behind them (Psycho Mantis) along with how great the story is.

Resident Evil 2

With the first game a huge success, Capcom began to work on it's sequel. Resident Evil 2 is in my opinion the best in the series. I very much agree that Resident Evil 4 is incredible but RE2 beats by just a bit. Being able to play through the game 4 different times as 2 new at the time characters (Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield) RE2 had more refined gameplay, a great, story, and a way better boss battle. William Birkin is hands down my favorite boss in the series due to how many times you fight him and how intense it gets.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

There weren't too many great 3D action games on the PS1. 3D was still fresh at the time and everyone was trying their hand at it. Soul Reaver however is one of the best games you could get on the console. The story, characters, tight gameplay, puzzles, and design was an impressive feat at the time.


I didn't get to actually play through this game until a few years ago. I bought this on the PlayStation Store after years of playing the demo when I was younger. Tomba is a 2.5D platform game which has you exploring levels looking for tasks to complete which will let get you items and upgrades to progress through the game while beating up pigs along the way.


I'm slowly working on a blog for this now. It's been a long time since I've played this game but I remember it fondly. The characters were very well done along with great level design and slightly funny dialogue. You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, a warrior with false praise who tries to redeem himself when the sorcerer Zarok comes back to take over Gallowmere.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

This is truly the best 2D game on the PS1 by far. Embracing the Metroid-style gameplay, the game comes together extremely well. The character/enemy design, atmosphere, plot, etc. left with a great experience. Sometimes the voice acting can be a bit...bad. Aside from that there is a reason Symphony of the Night is regarded as the greatest Castlevania game by a majority of the fan-base.

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter is one of my favorite shooters on the PS1. Gabe Logan is a great character and the action in this game is practically nonstop. Plus you can taser someone until they catch on fire:

Spyro The Dragon

The smooth gameplay, the open world hub, and the subtle comedy made Spyro The Dragon a fantastic game with a ton of replay value. I revisit the game regularly and it still holds up to me.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX was always my favorite next to VII. I honestly have no issues with it. I enjoy every character, every place is pleasant to explore, the music is great, combat system, everything. Even replaying it on PS4 proves that even today the story holds up.

Final Fantasy VII

I really shouldn't have to put this in the list am I right? On a serious note, without this game it might have taken longer for the RPG genre to become a juggernaut in the west. The marketing for this game at the time was like a big budget movie. All huge flaws aside, the game is still a great experience even when it's incredibly dated.

Since the PS1 is arguably my favorite console here are some honorable mentions which if you haven't played any of these it's 100% worth trying them out!

Bushido Blade
Crash Team Racing
Chrono Cross
Dino Crisis
Frogger 2
Star Ocean: Second Story
Jet Moto 2
Wild 9
Ape Escape
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