Quick Holiday System Guide!

It's almost that season where you give thanks and then promptly fight someone for a discounted television at your nearest Wal-Mart. The Holidays are great, a time where you get together with family and bake cookies and all that good stuff. Then you pull your hair out because you stalled on buying your child that one thing they've been asking for all year and no it's out of stock because you're lazy! Now is the best time to start shopping for those gifts because once it gets to the middle of November that's when everyone goes on crackdown.

Nintendo Products
Nintendo products are always a hassle during the holiday. Sure, right now 3/2DS systems are abundant and Switches are becoming more frequent, that "I'll wait" mentality is what almost every parent has. Like all those years before, any Nintendo System you try to find WILL be sold out. It's best to get it out of the way now. On top of that, there are numerous models of the 3DS AND 2DS. There are the 3DS, 3DS XL, and the New 3DS XL. Better yet there are cheaper models known as the 2DS and 2DS XL. On the plus side the 2DS system will usually include a free game download. Just know the a 2DS will come with a charger whereas the 3DS Model does not. Of course there is also the Nintendo Switch. It's best to snag one when you see them because once the holidays "officially" start, they'll be difficult to track down. They've released a few bundles but the big one this year is looking to be the Super Mario Odyssey Bundle.

New 3DS XL $199.99
2DS 79.99
New 2DS XL $149.99 - $159.99
Switch $299.99 - $379.99

Sony Products
Don't worry no handheld systems here (Sorry Vita) so you'll be looking at just consoles. There are a couple different model of the PlayStation 4. You have the Slim model, which can come in either a 500GB or 1TB model. Then there is the Pro model. A 1TB system with 4K capabilities. 

PlayStation 4 Slim - $299.99
PlayStation 4 Pro - $399.99 - $449.99

Microsoft Products
With a new Xbox One making it's debut next month there are a few options for your Xbox needs. We have the new standard Xbox One S. It will usually come bundled with a game and vary between 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB. Then there is the new "Powerhouse" the Xbox One X. This is the "TRUE 4K" console. Though I'll be honest, the graphics do look beautiful. On the plus side though you don't have to worry, as far as it goes now there will not be any releases exclusive for the Xbox One X. It is worth nothing that the system won't be out until 11/07. It is still available to pre-order and might be the best way to secure one.

Xbox One S $249.99 - $449.99
Xbox One X $499.99

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