October Gaming Queue!

So I played close to none of what I planned to last month. With the exception of a few chapters of Yakuza 0. I actually ended up selling a handful of my PS4 games to clear up some space.

Yakuza 0 (Again)

This time I'll beat it for real.


Since release I have been playing this a bit before I go to sleep. Sounds like a bad way to end the day but it's quite the opposite. The whole games' aesthetic is incredible. The animation, music, the trial and error gameplay easily makes this a joy to play whenever and a GOTY contender in my eyes. I'll be working on the S rank grind. 

Final Fantasy IX 

When I heard from a friend that Final Fantasy IX was rated again by PEGI, Europe's "ESRB", I was really excited. Knowing that soon it'd be rated here and re-released on PlayStation 4. The next day during Square-Enix's presentation at TGS, they announced that Final Fantasy IX would be released on the PSN after the conference. So I immediately bought it. It has been quite awhile since I've played Final Fantasy IX, about 7 years to be exact. Playing through again reminds me of how great this game truly is. Everything still holds up to today's standards in my opinion. Now I'm determined to get the Platinum trophy no matter how difficult it can be. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale

I strongly dislike Fortnite. I find games like that tedious and all around annoying. I ended up deleting the game after a few days hoping the game would stick but it didn't happen. The Battle Royale mode however, is fantastic. It got me to re-download the game and now I have been playing that more than anything else. Plus, it's like having PUBG on your console!
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