Nostalgi-ahhhhhhh: Team Fortress 2

On October 10th, Team Fortress 2 celebrated their 10th anniversary! Their website says TF2 first appeared in The Orange Box, a collection of games featuring TF2, Portal 1 and Half Life 2:Episode Two, released in 2007. I got into TF2 in the fall of 2009 after finding out Borderlands 1 couldn't run on my laptop. Before buying the Orange Box, I would spend my free weekends staying up super late and watching my suitemates play TF2. TF2 caught my eye because it oozed charmed. Such as its cartoony aesthetic and the personality each class had(even Pyro) with their little remarks after killing an enemy or using a voice command.

Looking back, I went HARD on all things TF2. It was the only game I had for the first two years of owning my laptop!! Like, I would watch every available Meet the Team video repeatedly. I can't choose a favorite, they're all really good! I learned how to rip and format audio files for the sole purpose of putting TF2 soundbites on my phone(The Heavy laughing is my favorite text tone of all time). I had a sweet Spy shirt but some bastard someone stole it right out of the dryer in the dorm laundry room!! Not to mention I spent two summers idling for items just to get cool hats and weapons to show off.

I did idle a bit but also played a butt-ton.

Looking back, I had a lot of great memories with this game. I fondly remember when they launched their horde mode: Mann versus Machine and how my friends and I would spend many nights trying to beat the hardest difficulty. Or the nights we'd buy a couple crate keys and see who pulled the coolest thing. I'll close out this blog with my first and favorite memory: crafting my first hat for my favorite class(Flamethrowers are really fun!) .I think this is the only item I didn't sell when I put up my entire inventory on the marketplace this past summer. I may have sold all my items but Team Fortress 2 holds a special place in my heart!

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